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Vikings Marikina: A Feast From the Sea!

At long last, the wait is over! Vikings: A Feast From The Sea‘s Marikina branch finally opened its doors last October 22! And after going there for the first time the week after, let’s start the review with a photo montage! There are more photos in this video than in the post, so be sure [...]

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Kokoro Connect ED3 – Salvage Guitar Cover

A guitar cover of Kokoro Connect‘s 3rd ending sequence entitled “Salvage” by Team Nekokan feat. Rekka Katakiri. 3AM- I was watching episode 11 of Kokoro Connect when suddenly I was taken away by this awesome ED song. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t do a cover of this right here [...]

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Neil Zaza – I’m Alright Guitar Solo

Ahh…I miss these guitar-rocking times. Three years ago, I was like this. Currently, not so much. And no, I don’t wear the sando+boxers combination anymore. XD Visit my YouTube channel to watch more of my videos!

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