Forget Me Not Cafe

Another gold mine of mouthwatering delicacies was just raised from the ground up at Lilac St., Marikina City! Called Forget Me Not Cafe, it certainly doesn’t need such a name for people to not forget the place- just the food here is enough to mark a long-lasting memory in our palates!

Grape Juice Soda – 75 PHP

Lilac St., again? That’s like the 100th place there you blogged about. I admit that I’ve been a tad bit lazy in going to places farther than Marikina and Antipolo just to blog about them. Rather, I’ve been busy >.

Here’s how to go there: coming from Antipolo, Cainta, Pasig, Quezon City or wherever, you all need to go to Sumulong Hi-way (be it via Marcos Hi-way, Riverbanks or Gil Fernando St.). Make a turn to Soliven St. (near Masinag side), and go straight ahead passing the bridge separating Antipolo and Marikina. You’ll be on Lilac St. by then. Keep moving forward, and you’ll see it near Rancho 1, near Crazy Katsu and Teaza.

My first time here was when a buddy invited us, on his payday, and we all know what that means lol! Their menu is categorized into 8 sections: appetizers, salads, breads ‘n sandwiches, pastas, meals, desserts, hot and cold drinks. There were only three of us, semi-hungry at that,  so we weren’t able to order much.

Though on my next visits, I was able to try their other dishes, and can vouch to them having thumbs up quality taste. Here are the works! More awesome foodie pictures can be found on their Facebook page linked below.

Fish Fingers with Rice – 125 PHP

Salisbury Steak with Rice – 125 PHP

Buffalo Wings – 125 PHP

Grandma’s Chocolate Cake – 95 PHP

After my first visit with Forget Me Not Cafe, I immediately invited my family to dine here the day after. It’s a nice place to hang out to: spacious, ambient and they certainly have very accommodating staff. I bet the chef is awesome as well- just looking how they carefully present their dishes in a minimalistic yet hunger enticing manner gives it away. Roni from Marikina Food Trip is right: that this cafe is perfect “for family dinners, dates, barkada hang outs, study sessions (yes, they have wi-fi too), Forget Me Not Cafe is one of the cafes you can go to.” So yeah, cheers to yet another awesome foodie place in Marikina! :)

Tables Outside

Tables Inside

41 Lilac St. Cor. Rancho 1 Hacienda Heights Concepcion 2
1811 Marikina City
Telephone Number: 942 00 87
Facebook Page
Full Menu at Munch Punch

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  1. Patti says:

    I am convinced that it’s a must-try. The photos are just mouth-watering. Ugh. However, the place is a bit far for a Southern girl like me! Hehe. But anyway, I’ll need to make an itinerary when I go to Marikina. (Soon, I hope!) :)

    • Chad says:

      Thanks, Patti! Yeah, they really are mouth-watering. Wait ’til you get to try them yourself! :) Tell me when you’re going- I can help you with the itinerary and if things aren’t too busy, give you a tour myself! :D

      I was able to roam around Las Pinas and Paranaque awhile back, and I saw some fancy ‘must-try’ looking restos. I bet your place also has its foodie place legends XD

  2. Roni says:

    Hi Chad, thanks so much for linking to my blog. ;-) Looking forward to your post on Vikings SM Marikina!!! :-)

    • Chad says:

      No prob, Roni! Awesome review of Forget Me Not Cafe, not to mention the scrumptious photos! ;) Hopefully I’ll have the Vikings post by today or tomorrow ^_^

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