Camera Rig Shopping at Photozuela

Just recently, a recurring client of Perfect Renders requested a video where the main subjects would be cropped out so an animated video can be placed as their background. To do that, we’d be needing a green screen which I didn’t have at the time. Wanting to have one since my college days, I decided to invest on said equipment even if it meant taking a huge toll on my savings. Here’s the gist!

After rigorously searching the local internet market, I found that Photozuela got the most bang for my buck. You can go to their web site or visit them in their office located at Bayani Road, Taguig City. I realized that not only do they sell the items cheaper, but also more sturdier and are bigger in numbers in terms of height and length.

So in summary, I bought the following:

1. 9×10 ft. Background Stand – 3,000 PHP (300 php rebate)
2. 10×20 ft. Green Screen Polyester Background – 2,100 PHP
3. 85W Fluorescent Light Set with Umbrella and Stand – 2,575 PHP
4. Extra 6 ft. Light Stand – 660 PHP
5. Photozuela Montana C600 Speedlite – 2,500 PHP

I didn’t realize equipment like this would cost so much even if they’re just made of metal and cloth. Well, we’re paying for their function and not how much the building materials used cost. If given the right business concept and smooth execution, getting the ROI on these will only take awhile.

I guess it’s not that expensive if you look at it- the external flash Montana C600 (manual and slave), which isn’t really part of the green-screen team, takes up a fourth of the investment.

Why buy this? Given that I always dwell in video and not that much on photography, I wanted to learn to utilize an external flash- even if only the basics. Since I already have a camera and all, why not learn the ropes on its different aspects as well, right? Anyway, I’m so looking forward for our next projects with this!

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