Finishing BGC Cycle Philippines 2013

Being a part of BGC Cycle Philippines 2013- the very first event of its kind, graced by over 2,300 cyclists of all ages in the National Capital Region, was a total blast! Before anything else, I just want to say that I really liked the medal we received after finishing the 20km course:

The 3-day event was made possible by Cycle Asia in partnership with Sunrise Events and Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and will be quite a memorable one since this was the first time my bike got a flag sticker:

Registration- the regular price’s open window time was on the whole month of September at their web site, and we availed of the group of four package for P5,550 (having around P1,400 per person.) Included in the package were: Technical dry-fit shirt, Finisher Medal, Rudy Project Shades and Firefly Brigade Leg Band. Leaving around 6am at Josh’s pad in Marikina, we weren’t able to make the event’s 7am gun start. So yeah, that pretty much meant we got left behind a little, and that our total time will suffer for it. No matter!

Here’s a map of our 20km community ride course (click on image for full size):

I initially thought biking 20km was just a cinch- an easy and laughable run. It wasn’t. Well, it can be if you know how to pace your strength and energy well. I clearly wasn’t since I was dead-focused on catching up for lost time and trying to get past everyone I see in front of me. It was also an added hassle at the start when my bike’s bashguard suddenly came off, messed with my pedaling and almost had me tumbling down. That said, I had to hold said bashguard for the rest of the ride since I had no where else to put it to- it caused a few numbs here and there sometimes, but it wasn’t something anyone couldn’t handle.

Look at my right hand. Look at it!

Another challenge I set for myself was that I wouldn’t stop to rest or drink water in the entire ride- which also led to a peculiar predicament. Things were going smoothly as planned, but at about 3/4 of the ride, there were road intersections where we needed to stop because cars were also going through. Everything was fine- except that when I stopped, I landed on my left foot while tip-toed so that pretty much led to massive cramping. Next thing I know, I was lying on the ground. The marshals helped me to the side of the road, but I continued riding after a few minutes rest. It was just frustrating because after all I did to get past all those people, they just got past me in the end in one fell swoop just because of cramping. Tee-hee.

I was able to finish the 20km course with 1:21:30 time, while Josh, Reg and David, while in their road racers, in less than one hour. We headed to get our medal, refreshments and complimentary meals after.

It was definitely fun and fulfilling! I looked at the clock after the ride, and was surprised that it was only about 9-10am. It felt weird because the ride really felt SO long. Hmm. Time is relative to the observer, huh?

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  1. josh says:

    You should drink water every 5 km or so, even just small sips. :))


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