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Bike Challenge: The Jala-jala Grind!

Here I thought our dreaded Sierra Madre Experience was going to be our hardest ride for a long while- NOPE! Last week we headed out for our longest ride yet- a whopping 115km to Jala-jala and back! After that uber-long and tiring ride, this view of Laguna de Bay greeted us after. Totally worth it! […]

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Bike Challenge: The Sierra Madre Experience

My friends often talked about wanting to bike to Sierra Madre but I don’t know where it actually is- I only remember the name being discussed in our geography class way back in our graders. Despite that missing piece of seemingly unimportant information on my part, we planned to do it last Saturday- it was […]

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Finishing BGC Cycle Philippines 2013

Being a part of BGC Cycle Philippines 2013- the very first event of its kind, graced by over 2,300 cyclists of all ages in the National Capital Region, was a total blast! Before anything else, I just want to say that I really liked the medal we received after finishing the 20km course: The 3-day […]

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Why Bike? A Rationale on Cycling

Rationale for Buying a Mountain Bike

It’s been more than a year now since I bought my first mountain bike, all thanks to the initial influences of my brother and some friends, and it’s been fun all throughout! But after all the planned and impromptu rides we had since early 2012, the question ‘why bike among all the other stuff we […]

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Biking the Great Wall of Timberland

We finally mustered up the guts to pedal our way to the famous Timberland, a biker’s destination located in San Mateo, Rizal. Usually, we’d just bike around the city or anywhere nearby like in Antipolo, Marikina or Quezon City, but I guess we’ve had enough practice already to go to farther and more difficult places. […]

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Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail

Weeks after treading the bike trails of Nuvali, we marched on to the Camp Aguinaldo Bike Trail! Situated at the heart of AFP’s headquarters (Armed Forces of the Philippines), it’s quite one of the most must-experience destinations of both trailers and regular mountain bikers alike. Photos 1, 7, 8 & 9 are c/o Dennis Sagragao […]

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Nuvali Biking Trip

Hearing about the latest buzz where people go to Nuvali to sight-see and bike, me and the guys decided to see it for ourselves. There were seven of us on our first visit- three racers and four mountain bikers. The former raced down the smoothly paved asphalts, breaking their current speed limit to 59 kph […]

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