Nendoroid: Chiaki Minami of Minami-ke

It’s been more than a month already since she arrived, but I finally got the time to take pictures. I present to you the ever so kawaii, tsun-tsun and air-headed youngest sister of the Minami family, Chiaki! You can watch her on Minami-ke- a slice of life anime about three sisters living on their own. Thanks once again to Onegai Oniichan for this cutie Nendo! I was able to win her in a promo auction of theirs for a very low price.

Here’s a shot of the goodies included in the box:

With no concept in mind and with just the urge to take pictures of her, I just went out of my house with camera on hand hoping to get good random shots. I think it turned out alright, but I really should have a planned shoot soon. Used my Canon 650D with a Sigma 70-300mm 4-5.6 around 3pm in the afternoon. Here are the photos!

For the complete set of photos, click here.

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