iPad HDMI Adapter from CD-R King

Remember this post where I talked about how I hated the iPad because it doesn’t have a video out? I finally was able to solve that problem thanks to China gadgets to the rescue. I’m talking about CD-R King’s iPad HDMI Adapter. Well, Apple has it’s own version, but it only came out after I bought this one, so screw that.

It costs 1480 PHP, and the official Apple version is around 2000 PHP. What’s good about this one, despite it being a replica, is that it doesn’t have a connecting cable. With that you won’t have to deal with the risk of breaking the cable and making the said accessory completely useless. Oh, how many times has it happened already to me with my Apple USB cables? It’s just a piece of plastic you poke into your Apple gadget, then poke a standard-sized HDMI cable in it, and voila!

The bad thing about it is that the accessory doesn’t completely lock to the iPad so it’s pretty sensitive to movement. When using, just put yourself and your gadget in a good position to make sure the HDMI converter won’t just come off. It’s so light that it seems that it will, no, IT DEFINITELY WILL disintegrate if you throw it against the wall. So be careful :p

It’s HDMI so it also transports audio data. And the accessory has a USB port beside the HDMI out so you can charge or sync to your computer at the same time. Neat, huh?

By the way, this works not just on the iPad, but to the iTouch and iPhone as well. iPad 3, iTouch 4, iPhone 4S and below, to be exact. It’s plug and play so there’s no need to install drivers, software or anything. And of course it won’t work on the new ones that have the all-new Lightning connectors.

If you’re interested in buying, better call their Stock Inquiry Hotline that can be found at their website here to check which branch nearest you has stocks. I was able to get mine at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in Cainta.

Here’s testing it while playing Infinity Blade II:

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