Maou Christmas Unboxing!

Weeks after receiving the package from Onegai Oniichan via courier, I was finally able to unbox my latest Nendoroid, Maou (from Maoyuu Maou Yuusha) this Christmas, and my, isn’t she quite the eye candy!

I can’t be considered as a figurine collector (or dolls, as my friends and family put it lol) even though I’ve already redirected some of my savings to buying some already. Well, primarily because I only buy those that have a huge impact on me, and only after really long hours of thinking if I should really buy one. For example, there’s Ryougi Shiki and the Type-Moon Petit Collection- I consider their shows in a high regard among all the others.

Then I’d want to buy their figurines not only for supporting their shows, but also to have a concrete embodiment of how I’m inspired by their character, by what makes them who they are- their values, morale, personality and perspective of their world. That and just how really cute and adorable they look!

In her case, Maou- even being the 43rd ‘evil’ Demon King in an RPG-ish medieval setting, still wants the best outcome for both sides of the ongoing war (or orchestrated misunderstanding) between humans and demons. She disguises herself as a human noblewoman known as the Crimson Scholar, and shares her vast knowledge on topics such as economics and farming.

This is what I love about the anime- it’s not your usual show about knights and demons killing each other with the former being good and the latter, bad. It reveals a more complicated conspiracy behind and actually shows us what happens in the back end of a war- the economy, the religious sectors, the people, war strategics, etc. Maou comes from a clan of demons that prioritize knowledge so that’s pretty much her specialty.

Joining forces with the Hero, they work together with her being the brains, and the hero, the brawn, to save both humans and demons and let them coexist- to the point of being separated for months whilst not having a single doubt to each other, and their reunions being more sweeter and comedic than the last. I really like how their love for each other revolves around a bigger cause and not just about themselves like your usual cheesy couple next door.

What’s in the box- Maou herself plus four more arms, two faces, one dress, Hero’s dakimakura and stand.

Here are photos of her different looks:

And since it’s Christmas time already, I decided to shoot her with the Christmas tree. To view the full album of her, you can go to my Facebook page here.


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