An Unforeseen Visit to Katsu Cafe!

On my way home after a hard day’s work, a peculiar restaurant lit up by attractive acrylic built-up letters piqued my interest as the jeepney I rode passed by Marcos Hiway- it’s Katsu Cafe! I was planning on eating dinner at home to save a few bucks but I guess my curiosity got the better of me. Soon enough, a second visit ensued!

I’m glad I tried the place out- their katsu sets paired with their unlimitables are a real treat!

One would ask- is Katsu Cafe a new player that just recently entered the Japanese resto-scene? At first I thought it was, but after a few online sniffing here and there I found out they already have five branches already- the other four being at Katipunan, Maginhawa, Tomas Morato and Banawe of Quezon City. The one I dined at, the Antipolo branch, was just around the commercial area beside Filinvest East Homes- click here for the map.

Other landmarks include a Shakey’s, Chow King and Dunkin Donuts, but most likely you won’t miss it ’cause of their large acrylic logo- I didn’t, and I was riding a jeepney facing the opposite direction at that! I just tiled my head, and then voila- automatic para! The place is cozy, spacey, and their servers are humble and hospitable!

Upon entering the area, you’ll be greeted with Japanese tea and the menu. What I recommend as affordable starters would be their katsu sets that comprise of the katsu itself and the unlimited rice, house tea and miso soup with the cheapest being 195 PHP for the Chicken Katsu Set. Not bad, eh? Check these out!

Chicken Katsu Set – 195 PHP

Pork Katsu Set – 215 PHP

Beef Gyudon – 235 PHP

Gyoza – 120 PHP

Here’s a photo of their menu:

And thanks to my friends who vouched to check the place out!

One important thing to note is that you also have to try their Ramen (sadly, they didn’t have it in stock the time we came there), and their renowned Tempura Sets, of which I kinda felt I should have ordered those instead after seeing the people in the other table enjoy them scrumptiously. Oh, well, next time indeed!

Marcos Hiway, Antipolo City / Katipunan st., Maginhawa st., Tomas Morato st., and Banawe st., Quezon City
Mobile No. 0939 920 0000
Facebook Page

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