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KALBOrger’s Duper Burger!

After a hard day’s work shooting a video for SMDC at Grass Residences, Ungri insisted we go have lunch at KALBOrger’s since besides him liking the food there very much, it was just already a few blocks away. It was exactly 12 noon time and the intense summer heat was almost unbearable, but hey, of […]

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An Unforeseen Visit to Katsu Cafe!

On my way home after a hard day’s work, a peculiar restaurant lit up by attractive acrylic built-up letters piqued my interest as the jeepney I rode passed by Marcos Hiway- it’s Katsu Cafe! I was planning on eating dinner at home to save a few bucks but I guess my curiosity got the better […]

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Ryu Ramen & Curry’s Curry Ramen!

Resuming our ramen adventure since Tamagoya and Nihonbashitei, we marched on to Ryu Ramen & Curry! Curry Ramen – 300 PHP It’s located along Tomas Morato, QC just near the intersecting streets of Sct. Delgado and Sct. Lazcano. The place quite speaks an air of pseudo-Japanese authenticity, having ambient lights and minimalistic wooden interior designs […]

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Chad who?

Chad Senga- just a guy who loves to share the awesome parts of his life so you can get on in with the fun, too. :) Click here for more details!

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