Nobu’an Japanese-Filipino Restaurant!

A new and promising restaurant along the roads of Sumulong climbing up to Antipolo has just opened recently! Nobu’an- owned and run by a Japanese husband and Filipina wife, they serve good and affordable Japanese and Filipino dishes alike! This is our first time here, and the initial experience was good. Here’s the gist!

Gyudon – P169

Location: The place pretty much gives a lasting impact to passers-by of Sumulong Hi-way going up to Antipolo. Well, it’s situated on that very visible elbow curve just right after the Cafe Lupe commercial area- everyone can and will see their big logo whether they like it or not! Lol. Good strategy there. Seeing the restaurant multiple times whenever I bike to Antipolo Church made me curious enough to try it out. Here’s a map!

Their dining areas are divided into four: The first is the events area complete with a stage, sound system, multiple tables and chairs- the works. Located on the lower floor of the restaurant (still overlooking), it’s a pretty good location for both day and night events. Not sure on their rates if you want to reserve the whole place, though. Second is their main dining area- a lesser spacious location but one that gives more intimacy to the server and servee. It has better ambiance, chairs and tables. The third is an open / smoking area on the side maximizing the overlooking look (perfect for dates in the evening!) The fourth is yet another floor below the events area, but is still under construction at the time we went there.

Events Area on Lower Floor

Main Dining Area

Here’s a photo of the overlooking scene I took in the afternoon we dined there:

Is that smog or just fog?!

Now on to the main course! Here are the pictures and prices of what we had:

Appetizer (Spicy Squid)

House Soup

Goto w/ Egg – If forgot the price >.

Takoyaki (3pcs.) – P30

Gyoza (6 pcs.) – P175

Salmon Maki Sushi Roll – P120

Tekka Maki Sushi Roll – P110

Ebi Tempura w/ Rice – P220

Sotanghon Guisado – P85

Squid Ball – P45

What’s this called again? I also forgot the price >.

The verdict? I say it’s a pretty neat and averagely-priced place to dine at when you’re sick of all the usual Mcdo’s, Jollibee and what not you keep having! Also if you love both Japanese and Filipino cuisine and would like to eat both at the same time. :D What caught my attention most are their sushi rolls- they’re nicely made, indeed! The chunks of fish in the rolls are also generous- unlike in many others where they cost-cut by maximizing sushi space with rice. @_@ Their Gyoza, too, are commendable- crunchy, juicy and luscious!

Other than it just being a five-minute drive from our home, the breathtaking overlooking view is also a big plus. It’s preferable to go there late afternoon or at night for the view though if you don’t want the daunting summer heat to ruin the experience. The waiters are attentive and hospitable so no problems there.

If anything, I guess the only problem would be with the Gyudon I had- it was salty. But I addressed this to the cook so hopefully it won’t happen again to future customers. This is the only one time I’ve dined here, but will definitely come back again soon. I still need to try out their Katsudon and Curry Rice Bowls!

Check their menu and prices here: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6

Sumulong Hi-way, Brgy. Mambugan (After Cafe Lupe), Antipolo City
Mobile No. 0906 539 1886 | 0922 528 1501
Tel. No. (02) 785 65 40
Facebook Page

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