Angus Tapa Centrale

If ever you find yourself in Tomas Morato / Timog area, do make a stopover and dine at Angus Tapa Centrale! You certainly won’t regret it. One of my friends who lives around here took us to this treasure trove of a foodie place, and it was happily ever after! Seriously, one just cannot simply get over tapa that melts in your mouth.

Location: 11th Jamboree st. cor. Kamuning rd. Here’s a map for reference.

On the intersection of the two streets, you’ll see this small and humble location sporting a red panaflex with a black and brown cow on it along with the name. Parking space isn’t ample on the location itself, but you can just park along the neighboring streets if needed. Just take extra caution where you park to be sure.

And yes, they cook your order right in front of you as you hungrily wait for it!

Here’s the finished product, one order of their Original Angus Beef Tapa w/ egg:

Original Angus Beef Tapa – P138

Their dining area is moderately spacious- just enough to fill around eight tables of four. It’s also an open but covered area so it’s not too hot or too cold either on any hour of the day (except probably at noontime in the middle of summer lol.) This is a plus for smokers since they can indulge on their sticks where they eat. And what do you know, they also serve a variety of local beer here so it can also be your new inuman place!

Besides their beloved Original Angus Tapa, they have other variants: Tropical, Hot n’ Spicy, Tropical Spicy, Korean BBQ, and their light versions- do note that they are priced differently though. And if you’re not in the mood for tapa, they also have lots of kinds of Premium Jumbo Sausages to choose from: Hungarian, Schublig, Garlic, Sweet Italian, Kielbasa, Frankfurter and Bratwurst, all served with rice and egg.

Their Angus Tapa isn’t their best on the menu, by the way. If you’ve got the dough, then you should order their prized Wagyu Beef Tapa! If angus is already enough to melt in your mouth, wagyu is one tier higher! I just can’t think of a word right now to perfectly describe it haha. But it certainly is the better choice vs. taste, texture and run for your money. Called the American “Kobe” Beef, this one is a must-try!

Oh, I guess I should also mention their secondary foodie choices on their menu: US Organic Angus Beef Tapa a la Salpicao, Deli Bagel, Pandesal, Cheesesteak Croissant and Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich.

There’s also their US Black Angus Ciabatta Burger, Spam with Egg and Rice, Authentic Vigan Longganisa, Boneless Bangus a la Pobre, Boneless Tinapang Bangus and Norwegian Salmon Steak. Whew. Definitely a lot to choose from, making you want to go back again to try something different. I know I have. ;)

Anyway, as usual, contact details are below. Happy eating, guys!

#2 11th Jamboree st. cor Kamuning rd., Quezon City, Philippines
Always Open
Tel. No. (02) 268 0621

Facebook Page

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