Wireless USB Gamepads by CD-R King

The more I got to play with the DualShock 3 Wireless Controller for the PS3, the more I grew weary for my thickly-wired USB gamepads for the PC. It gets really irritating in the long run, considering my room’s structural design. Each time someone goes in my room, the people playing on the couch would have to lower the controllers so that person could pass through.

Because of this, CD-R King’s wireless controllers have caught my eye for some time now. Problem being, the stores I usually go to never had any stock. I thought about PCX and Villman’s, but their branded ones’ prices just doesn’t fall around my ballpark figure. With a stroke of luck about a week ago, when buying work-related materials, they had ’em hanging on the product shelves!

I bought two for 350PHP each. They run on two AAA batteries, so I also bought from the store a battery pack of four for 40PHP. After getting home, we immediately tried it out on Umineko’s Ougon Musou Kyoku, Melty Blood: Current Code, and various games from the Super NES, PS, PS2, and Wii Emulators.

I gotta say: even though CD-R King is known for it’s cheapo products with cheapo quality, they actually have merchandise that are worth buying with both good price and good quality. And this wireless controller is one of them.

The response time of the signal reaching the receiver as the buttons are pressed is quite good. You won’t feel any lag or anything, just like in their wired controllers. But of course, as cheapo materials are used for the build, you’ll experience some sort of solid pressing as you button mash your fighting games.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii Emulator

For the average PC gamer like me, this would suffice. Now, all I need is two more wireless controllers and a USB hub for four and we’re all set for our four-player team-battle mayhem on Higurashi Daybreak, Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, and more!

CD-R King
Website: www.cdrking.com
Branch Stock Inquiry: (+63 2) 567-4927

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  1. bat says:

    how long does the battery last with and without vibration?

    • chad says:

      not sure though they’re still working like a charm since i bought them. i play at about twice or thrice a week.

  2. Jomster777 says:

    I wouldn’t recommend CD-R king brands so easily… mine broke and now I have it on repair from them. Not all of their products stink though, their cooling fans are good, they’re reliable when it comes to CD’s and a few other storage devices.

  3. kevinkun says:

    Just asking if your new controller is compatible to PS3 slim? I wanna know before I manage to but one of these as a substitute to original one

    • chad says:

      Hi, Kevin!

      Unfortunately, they aren’t compatible since it doesn’t have that button on the center of the PS3 controller. And I haven’t seen or heard about a third-party or ‘fake’ PS3 controller before.

  4. usua says:

    hi ask lang po if pde po ito ipair sa android using sixaxis app. dualshock 3 po ba ito at pde sa ps3? thx

    • Chad says:

      usua, di ito sir pwede sa android sixaxis app pati ps3 since this works via wireless usb whereas the other two mentioned works via bluetooth.

      • yknow says:

        actually sir i got mine running on android, all you need is usb otg and plug the wireless usb bluetooth adapter. .and what surprised me, ginagamit ko din sa ipad2 po :D

      • yknow says:

        30 pin to female usb otg cable po pala


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