Omonok Korean-Style Fried Chicken, Marikina!

Omonok Korean-Style Fried Chicken hits Lilac, Marikina! A good and distinct addition to the already colorful foodie haven in the city. Actually, this is the only restaurant that specializes in serving this cuisine. There’s another Korean place up the street, but they mostly offer traditional Korean food in family-size servings.

Store Front along Lilac St.

Photos of some of their dishes in the lobby area

Directions: Click here for a Google Maps reference. It’s rather pretty close to Burrito Brothers.

Designed primarily for take-out customers, it still can house around seven dine-in groups of two to three. The area is cozy, well-ventilated and with a distance from the busy and noisy streets- the dining area is actually part of the private lot beside the restaurant that’s also owned by Omonok. Parking space is adequate- you can park on the side of the street. If the place is crowded, there are sub-streets in the area in which you can park.

I went to Lilac on my bike looking for something to buy for the family dinner- and remembering how I enjoyed their food the last time I went here, I bought a box to take home. They cook it fresh so you have to wait a bit- the wait is worth it though. Just don’t go here if you’re expecting fast food service since this is not how they operate.

Fun Fact: OMOnok is based from the Korean word ‘Omona!’ similar to ‘Oh my god!’

Box of Six – P325

Take-out chicken eaten at home

Like the signature Korean taste most people are accustomed to, the fried chicken is smothered with a special sweet and spicy kind of sauce, while also having been sprinkled with sesame seeds. It’s really tasty! How the tangy flavors playfully mix in the mouth is just a treat for my palate. Unlike other fried chicken connoisseurs though- this is the only type of flavor they have. But I guess that’s also a strong point in itself.

Next time I go there I’ll be trying their OMO-nin rice. It looks really delicious!

Photo c/ OMOnok’s Facebook

On the left is a photo of their humble menu, and on the right is the signage along Lilac you’ll need to look for if you want to go here- and it’s none other than the animated version of Dang, the owner herself!

Anyway, try the place when you can. For me it’s one of the foodie gems found in legendary Lilac. ;)

71 Lilac St., RimView Park, Marikina City
Mobile No. 0927 878 51 34
Business Hours: Tues-Sun 4pm-9pm
Facebook Page

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