Elephant Milki Wireless Mouse Review

So my wireless A4Tech mouse finally died after a year and a half of gaming and video editing abuse. For P650 at the time, it was a good deal. But come this time around, the same product was priced around P900 already.

I saw a new product line of theirs though for P650 which I bought with no hesitation- wrong move. It starts out nice and smooth, but gets laggy and dysfunctional as hell when things get hectic- like when in the middle of a game where you need pin-point accuracy in clicking skills and abilities. The same goes with video editing- even with a 1080p screen, the interface with the likes of Adobe Premiere and After Effects seem cluttered so you’ll also need said accuracy if you want to be able to keep up with all-nighters without the added frustration.

The next day after buying that crappy A4Tech mouse, I went back to SM Marikina’s Datablitz to buy their Elephant Mouse as my sister suggested. Her being a seasoned graphics design artist, I treat it as professional advice. After testing it out, I’m confident to say it’s the best bang for my buck I got for any mouse.

Not sure where else they sell this, but I’ve only seen them in Datablitz stores- SM Marikina, Gateway Cubao, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, and Robinsons Magnolia are some of the branches I remember.

For a very affordable P500, they come in brown, lime green, pink, black and white.

Interested? Just look out for this kind of packaging!

Its weird packaging sporting designs that resemble those of chocolate food products with bits of seemingly intentional wrong grammar only indicates one thing: JAPAN, which is kind of a good thing! Right? Right!?

Turn it upside down and a familiar face shall greet you- it’s NHK’s official Mascot, Domo!

Specifications: It’s wireless, operates in two Triple-A batteries, has on/off switch, the standard left and right click, middle scroll that also functions as a third click, DPI button that can adjust the mouse’s sensitivity, and two thumb buttons on the left side that initially functions as a back and forward button for web browsers.

It also has a smooth matte finish that separates it from the icky-sticky plastics out there.

Why not buy a cheaper but higher quality wired mouse? Well I would if I could, but my current PC desk is abnormal in a way that unless you’re willing to tolerate eyesores caused by wiring, you’ve no choice but to resort to going wireless. Also being able to use the PC other than your desk ups the experience!

After a week of use and abuse, I’d say this is the best wireless mouse for me now that’s under a thousand pesos- and it’s only P500! It’s smooth-flowing all the way, all the time. Who knew that editing videos and playing FFXIV, both of which require pinpoint accuracy in terms of mouse navigation, would be all the more fun jut because of a single mouse? I guess this is where ‘It’s the little things that matter’ comes in. \o/

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  1. AJ says:

    The packaging made me hungry. :O

  2. AJ says:

    Question: Is this available only at DataBlitz?
    (One of the things I hate about living in the province is the unavailability of the good stuffs. sigh)

    • Trish says:

      No, I got mine somewhere else (they had all the colours) I forgot where it is though.

  3. Serge says:

    Woow!! Thanks for the review. I went to SM Marikina earlier to buy a new “wireless” mouse because I have a puppy staying in my room. I owned an a4tech mouse before my pup chewed it (RIP) so I was looking to buy a new wireless mouse which apparently, I don’t know which one to buy. I saw the same mouse earlier that caught my attention because of the different choice of colors. I will definitely buy that mouse tomorrow. :P The only thing that kept me from buying it earlier is because color green is out of stock. (also my laptop’s color) I’ll just go with the orange. Thanks!


    I was satisfied with a4tech’s wired mouse that I got the same time I bought my laptop but it’s wireless we’re taking about.


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