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Giving Akashic Records the slogan “An ethereal compendium of all awesome life experiences“, I write about anything and everything I’m passionate about- the local food scene, Japanese culture, Japanese anime, music, photography, filmmaking, technology, games, sports, etc. which definitely would be a fun and worthwhile read to anyone and everyone. If it’s an awesome life experience for me, chances are it will be for others as well. I write what my heart tells me, not dictated by any other motive other than sharing such experiences.

A Filipino in my 20’s, I love to engage and indulge in different kinds of activities to make the most out of life. As such, I’m able to develop passion for old and new things alike. Besides my personal lifestyle blog here at Akashic Records, I own and run a photo & video company named Perfect Renders, of which I make my living with.

You can directly contact me at the ff. info:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +63918 963 70 18