Sambokojin: Yakiniku Eat-All-You-Can!

Look out Saisaki/Dad’s/Kamayan, ’cause Sambokojin has come to town!

Another brand of Somethin’ Fishy and conveniently located beside it in Eastwood City, Libis, it was definitely the perfect place to celebrate mom and dad’s anniversary.

The place is called Sambokojin: Yakiniku Smokeless Grill bearing the slogan “Grill all you can, eat all you can!“. For those who haven’t been in this type of restaurant before, it’s where food are mostly raw and are cooked by you, the customer, in your table as each one has a small grill. Their main courses generally include US Beef, assorted seafood, Japanese as well as Korean specialties and a variety of sauces to marinate them with.

For a price of 595 PHP per head (no hidden taxes), every cent is worth it! The several choices of dishes available can make the perfect Gluttonight, but as the gluttoknight, though must be well-skilled in his eating art!

To really make sure not a single peso is left to waste, you just have to pick the most expensive types of food like salmon, ebi tempura, US beef, shrimp and crab etc. Also, take it easy on the rice and water to not feel bloated right away. Basic SOP in buffet restaurants.

The place is nice, cozy as well as spacey. The heat from the grill won’t be a nuisance since there are 10 or so packaged air-conditioners scattered in the area.

What I really loved among what I’ve chowed were the bacon rolls. Yes! Bacon rolls. Containing what? Salmon, beef, maki, crab sticks and more! Most glutto-inducing moment: after getting the bacon rolls and US beef, we would marinate them in teriyaki sauce, dip them in chili sauce after and then grill ‘em in the fryer where butter and beef lard has been dissolved. The aroma was exquisite! And when I tasted it, I knew I was in my happy place.

To conclude, I hereby declare Sambokojin as a great gluttonight spot!

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  1. akosiya says:

    pretty much looks like yakimix

  2. findout says:

    Yup, looks like Yakimix but I find the service and the food here better. You can actually taste the difference of the sauces and you can still put additional marinade (which is located at your tables). Each person can have their own pair of tongs to use. Speaking of service, this has one of the best services I ever experiences. They would replace your empty plate in less than a minute, and also refill your drinks. Plus the meat have labels unlike in Yakimix.

  3. Lito Balquiedra says:

    I am a part owner of Sambokojin. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. You are most welcome to come again.

  4. xsyst says:

    Thank you, Mr. Balquiedra! Looking forward for a great meal again in Sambokojin. :D

  5. ger09 says:

    Do they accept major credit cards at Sambo Kojin?

  6. jimbo says:

    where is this located,please? sounds like a good deal, and i like the sushi.

  7. Joey Dagasdas says:

    I would like to know how much is it? How many branch do you have in Mega Manila?

    Thanks, Joey

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Joey! The last time I ate in their Eastwood branch, the price was 595PHP per head. You can see the list of their branches as well as contact numbers on their Facebook page here:


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