Magic Wok’s Korean Rice Bowls!

I have a new favorite fast food place in Gateway Mall, and it’s Magic Wok! I first came across the place when I picked up some camera equipment while in Cubao and out of curiosity, I stormed the counter with an it’s-new-so-what-the-hell-let’s-try-it! mindset, and the rest was foodie love history.

Beef & Brocolli Rice Bowl – 89 PHP

Where exactly? In Gateway mall, Cubao’s Food Express section on the 3rd floor (a floor below the cinemas), sided along with other fast food chains such as Steak Break, KFC, Wendy’s, etc. I couldn’t find any other info about this place online, so I reckon this is their first and only branch.

Their menu can be categorized to 149 PHP Bento Boxes (set meals), Noodles and rice bowls comprising of Seafood, Pork, Beef and Chicken that would range between 85-95 PHP. There’s free Nido Soup, to boot! The meals start out with regular white rice, but can be upgraded to fried rice with just 5 PHP. The drinks are a little expensive, with a 16oz Coke costing 32 PHP, but I guess that comes with the fast food territory. Overall, you can have a satisfying Korean-ish complete meal (lest the dessert) for only 122 PHP!

For sure, I’ll be eating here most of the time whenever I’m in Gateway. I’ve tried almost all the restaurants in the mall so my diminishing marginal utility for those places are slowly but surely plummeting. Having said that, Magic Wok will be my new refuge for now. Try the place out when you can!

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