The Minami Sisters are Back with Season 4: Tadaima!

Like the title says, Minami-ke (lit. The Minami Family) is back with season 4 entitled Tadaima (lit. I’m Home)! After a three-year hiatus of this comedic slice-of-life series (excluding the 2012 OVA ‘Omatase‘), we finally get to watch Chiaki, Kana, Haruka and their crazy friends once again spend their slow and mundane everyday lives! It starts airing January 6, 2013, so a subbed new episode should be available every Monday of the week.

If you’ve read my previous review on the series, you’d know that this anime follows no main story and that viewers shouldn’t expect much from it (as Chiaki narrates every start of the episode)- but I can assure you that Minami-ke is better than other anime with main stories and big expectations from the viewers.

I don’t know exactly why and what, but I guess the series’ plainness actually instigates simplicity in and from one’s everyday life, and therefore creates an undertone of meaning and significance in the process. The characters, individually, can’t be considered deep, but once character interaction comes in, it’ll be a whole new interesting mix. Watch the series and you’ll know what I mean :)

Here’s the Promotional Video!

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