Dining at L.A. Diner

Yet another restaurant opened up in Lilac street’s neighboring foodie place, Soliven St. called L.A. Diner, which dared to challenge our legendary Tamagoya! Noodle House by setting up shop almost right next to it. This time, it’s the American foodie spirit to conquer the foodie battlegrounds of Soliven Street!

Baby Back Ribs – 295 PHP

About its name, The L.A. in L.A. Diner probably means Lower Antipolo. How to find it? When passing by Soliven St., you won’t miss it! It’s the only establishment, along with Tamagoya!, that has a bright-enough panaflex signage that would engage anyone’s hunger sensors. It’s also on the side nearer to Masinag Market.

Now, I’ll be direct and straight to the point: Of all the dishes we ordered, only the Baby Back Ribs (see first photo) is the only one we found worthy of having to live up to its price. The rest were average in taste and quality, but didn’t do so well if compared to both price and taste of nearby competitors.

For one, Forget Me Not Cafe, which is just a few hundred meters away, has almost the same menu but with cheaper prices as well as bigger and tastier servings. That much fries with chili, cheese and ground beef for 175 PHP kind of disappointed us. One big plus, on the other hand, is that authentic American diner feel other establishments in the city fail to emulate. It’s a good view from both the outside and inside.

I guess we can’t really judge a restaurant just by ordering four from a plethora of their dishes. Maybe we ran out of luck and weren’t able to order the best of the best they can offer? I don’t know. Another plus point: They have more dishes to choose from if compared to Forget Me Not- pizza being one of them, among others.

Anyway, you should try the place out and see for yourself. We’ll be getting back here for those unique dishes the others don’t have. ‘Til next time! Here are more photos:

Buffalo Wings – 185 PHP

Salisbury Steak – 185 PHP

Chili Fries – 175 PHP

257 Soliven Ave. Greenheights Newtown Subdivision
1870, Antipolo City
Telephone Number: (02) 681 1051
Facebook Page

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  1. fanciz says:

    I don’t think L.A. Diner means Lower Antipolo or whatever. They just copied the famous Rosie’s diner in MH Del Pilar that was closed due to Mr Lim and that reopened as L.A. Cafe. Recently the name was changed, perhaps as Manila Bay Cafe or something similar.I used to frequent both Rosie’s Diner and L.A.Cafe and it seems that L.A Diner even copied the logo. I haven’t gone to L.A Diner yet but it seems that the food is overpriced and the sidings look the same. At least for the price they could give asparagus instead of Baguio beans and perhaps zucchini. They should also scoop nicely the mashed potatoes instead of throwing a big spoon of it in the plate. The fries look lightly sunog, they might use the same oil again and again haha Thanx for your report, I love to discover new places since I cook myself.haha

    • Chad says:

      Thanks for pointing that out! ‘Lower Antipolo’ was just my futile attempt in explaining the name hehe. I see. I wonder if it’s somehow related to Rosie’s Diner or L.A. Cafe? It would be sad if they just outright copied it without permission. And yes, I haven’t gotten back to the place again because I somehow got traumatized of the prices of the food we ordered there versus taste, quantity and presentation, even though I wanted to haha. If ever you drop by this place and have a different experience or food recommendation, drop me a message or comment! :)


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