Tamagoya! Fabled Ramen House in Antipolo

We go biking at least once a week to exercise and reduce those nasty chubs, but this one time ended up to a belly-bursting ramen trip instead. While already at the border of Antipolo-Marikina, we stopped by Tamagoya! for dinner, a most legendary noodle house that’s been talked about and pilgrim-ed by Manila ramen-eers.

Finding it is a cinch – it’s address is a #2 Soliven St., Brgy. Mayamot, Antipolo City. Take note though, Soliven/Lilac St. is where Marikina and Antipolo City split apart. Coming from Marcos Hi-way Quezon City side, turn left to Sumulong (turning right would be going up to Antipolo proper) and go straight, then turn right at Petron Gas Station (Soliven St.). You’ll be seeing Tamagoya right away on your left side.

What I loved about the place is that the restaurant is 100% Nihon-themed from the inside-out. The entrance is a sliding door furbished with that cloth thingy where you have to duck first to get in (crap, I forgot what it’s called.) The place is pretty tight-spaced, but I guess that makes it all the more authentic-ish LOL. The hospitable staff then greeted us newcomers with the usual Japanese phrase “Irashaimasen!” and proceeded us to our seats, and took our orders.

We ordered the Stamina Ramen, Chuka Ramen and Yaki Gyoza which totaled us around 400 PHP. For a Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen, their price is surprisingly quite affordable if compared to other ramen shops like Ramen Bar and Ukkokei Ramen Ron which costs at around 300 PHP per noodle bowl. And it’s almost just as delicious! Belly-filling? Definitely!

Stamina Ramen (168 PHP)Noodles with chilli miso paste-based soup

Chuka Soba (148 PHP)Noodles with soy sauce base soup

Yaki Gyoza (98 PHP)6 pcs. Japanese pan-fried dumplings

Another nice thing about the place is that they don’t ask for service charge, and the employees don’t accept tips either. It’s pretty quite humbling. Gah, we ate so much here that we actually forgot that we still had a biking session to finish. We took 10-15 minutes to rest, and then proceeded on a biking round within Marikina. Actually, we ended up drinking in Moon Leaf at the Bay Tree area while we’re at it. How’s that for a healthy exercise? Haha!

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