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  • Biaños Pizza: Cebu Midnight Snack!

    by chad

    Even in Cebu, my sleeping habits have only changed so much. In Manila, 12MN would either mean work or watching TV series and anime. With such things taking place, an empty growling stomach is bound to surface. This is where the Senga siblings’ all-time favorite 8-Mcdo, Burger Machine and Mercury Drug visits should come in.

    Sadly, such options aren’t available here. There’s a much better alternative though: Biaño’s Pizza! It’s open 24/7, delivers 24/7 anywhere in Cebu, and is conveniently walkable from our place.

    Almost every other day, I would buy at their very affordable pizza shack for my midnight snack- with prices ranging from a measly 75PHP+ for a 9″ thin crust pizza, to a 12″ one costing 115+. I really don’t want to compare to same-tier establishments I’ve tried in Manila, but pizza in Cebu really takes the cake – in both cost and taste! Not just Biaño’s!

    What I ordered here was just the “American”, which you can see is just topped with mozzarella and pepperoni. They have a tons of flavors to choose from: even those with unorthodox names like ‘Chiken Teriyaki’, ‘Beefywarma’ and ‘Diavolos’.

    The creamy mozzarella cheese is almost twice as thick as the pizza crust, so thinking that this is just bread with some cheese and tomato ketchup on it is out of the question. So when you’re dropping by Cebu, be sure to take a detour to Biaño’s Homemade Pizza: The Original Recipe of Alberto Biaño!


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