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  • Archive for March, 2011

    March 31st, 2011

    Favicons Explained

    by chad

    Don’t know what favicons are and how useful they can be? In a nutshell, they are those small icons that appear beside the browser’s address bar when you visit a web site. Usually has a size of 16×16, 32×32 or 64×64, they are also called web site icons, bookmark icons and URL icons. For example, the favicon for Perfect Renders:

    They also appear as the icons associated to those sites when you bookmark them on your browser. Hence the name favicon. Here are other favicons which I bet you can easily identify:

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    March 29th, 2011

    Coming Soon: The All New Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira!

    by chad

    The anime production company Frontier Works announced in their official Twitter account that a new OVA series, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira, is going to launch to mark the Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni horror franchise’s 10th anniversary. There will be 4 new episodes in this OVA.

    Of course, the original creators Ryukishi07 and 07th expansion produced the story while having Toshifumi Kawase again supervise the scripts. Hideki Tachibana will be the new director. I hope he won’t stray far off from the Higurashi feel. That is – killer lolis!

    Based from Wikia:

    The first volume will adapt the original software’s Batsukoishi-hen storyline, while the remaining volumes will have all-new original stories. There will be limited edition volumes with deluxe bonus extras, as well as regular edition volumes.

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    Tags: 07th expansion, , , Frontier Works, Hideki Tachibana, , higurashi keiichi, higurashi mion, , , higurashi no naku koro ni ova, , higurashi review, higurashi rika, higurashi satoko, higurashi shion, hinamizawa, , horror anime, keichii maebara, keiichi maebara, mion sonozaki, oyashiro, oyashiro-sama, rika furude, , satoko hojou, satoshi hojou, shion sonozaki, Toshifumi Kawase, twitter
    March 28th, 2011

    Google Search Hacks

    by chad

    For those who don’t know yet, you can do a bit more in Google Search rather than just typing in the keywords you want to look for. You can add these hacks, or rather ‘search enhancers‘ along with your keyword phrases to have a more distinct and specific Googling experience.

    Google Search Hacks, Google Search Cheat Sheet, Google Search, search engine hack, search engine cheat sheet, search engine enhancers, search engine keywords, search engine cheat sheet

    Note: For this exercise, we’ll be using Marist School as the keywords for the search.

    1.) Phrase search e.g. ["Marist School"]

    Putting double quotes around a set of words tells Google to consider the exact words in that exact order without any change. By insisting on the phrase search you might miss good results accidentally. Search results such as “Marist School Marikina”, “Marist”, “Marist Marikina” or “Marikina School.” But of course, you’ll get results exactly the way you want the words arranged.

    2.) Search within a specific website e.g. [site:facebook.com Marist School]

    Google allows you to acquire search results from a single website you specify. In the example shown above, you will be getting results based on the keywords ‘Marist School’ from Facebook only.

    3.) Search for a specific file type e.g. [filetype:pdf]

    Similar to the previous search enhancer, you can acquire search results based on file type. So for example, you want to look for PDF files about Marist School, you type [filetype:pdf Marist School].

    4.) Terms you want to exclude e.g. [-Marist School]

    Attaching a minus sign immediately before a word indicates that you do not want pages that contain this word to appear in your results. The minus sign should appear immediately before the word and should be preceded with a space.

    For example, in the query [ anti-virus software ], the minus sign is used as a hyphen and will not be interpreted as an exclusion symbol; whereas the query [ anti-virus -software ] will search for the words ‘anti-virus’ but exclude references to software.

    5.) Fill in the blanks e.g. [Marist *]

    The *, or wildcard, is a little-known feature that can be very powerful. If you include * within a query, it tells Google to try to treat the star as a placeholder for any unknown term(s) and then find the best matches. For example, the search [ Google * ] will give you results about many of Google’s products (go to next page and next page — we have many products).

    The query [ Obama voted * on the * bill ] will give you stories about different votes on different bills. Note that the * operator works only on whole words, not parts of words.

    6.) Search exactly as is, ignore synonyms e.g. [+Marist School]

    Google employs synonyms automatically, so that it finds pages that mention, for example, childcare for the query [ child care ] (with a space), or California history for the query [ ca history ]. But sometimes Google helps out a little too much and gives you a synonym when you don’t really want it. By attaching a + immediately before a word (remember, don’t add a space after the +), you are telling Google to match that word precisely as you typed it. Putting double quotes around a single word will do the same thing.

    7.) The OR operator

    Google’s default behavior is to consider all the words in a search. If you want to specifically allow either one of several words, you can use the OR operator (note that you have to type ‘OR’ in ALL CAPS).

    For example, [ San Francisco Giants 2004 OR 2005 ] will give you results about either one of these years, whereas [ San Francisco Giants 2004 2005 ] (without the OR) will show pages that include both years on the same page. The symbol | can be substituted for OR. (The AND operator, by the way, is the default, so it is not needed.)

    There you have it! Hopefully, you’ll put these search enhancers to good use and find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

    March 16th, 2011

    Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts II Cover)

    by chad

    This is just when I bought my M-Audio Oxygen61 (Sept. 2010) and started learning to play the piano. Using the MIDI controller, FL Studio 9 and some VST instruments, I made this cover of ‘Dearly Beloved’ from Kingdom Hearts 2.

    I’m completely far off from finishing songs, but I guess this is a start. Expect more piano renditions soon! :)

    Tags: , chads music, dearly beloved, dearly beloved piano cover, disney, donald duck, fl studio, , goofey, kairi, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts ii, m-audio oxygen, mickey mouse, midi controller, oxygen61, piano cover, piano rendition, sora, , vst plugins, youtube
    March 6th, 2011

    Install Windows 7 Using Your USB

    by chad

    Let’s face it: there are times when your computer system gives up on you after being abused time and time again. Worst case scenario – that time when you have a career-threatening deadline just a few hours away. This means the best option, while ruling out hardware malfunction, would be reformatting your disk and having a clean-slate install of Windows.

    Our enemy here is time as after OS installation, you have to install those software you need in finishing those projects. Luckily, I’ve found a faster way of installing Windows 7 – through USB!

    Note: This is for only those who already know how to format and install Windows.

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