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  • Archive for April, 2012

    April 30th, 2012

    Crazy Katsu’s Crazy Katsu!

    by chad

    Competing with Tamagoya for the best Japanese foodie place in Lilac St., is Shinji Tanaka’s Crazy Katsu! Having gained awesome reputation with its pioneering branch settled along Maginhawa St. near the University of the Philippines, it opened a new one and joined the soon to be legendary street of foodie haven in Marikina City, just beside Arabiscato Bar.

    Today is my 4th consecutive day visiting this place since my first time, so yeah, it’s that good! ^_^

    Bestseller – Chicken Katsu for 140 PHP

    To go there, make your way to Sumulong hi-way either via the intersection along Marcos hi-way, or the other way around via Sta. Lucia and Robonsons malls’ Gil Fernando St. and Marikina sports center. Nearer to Antipolo’s Masinag Market side of Sumulong, make your turn to Soliven St. (Petron gas station), and it will eventually become Lilac St. once you cross the bridge separating Antipolo and Marikina city. Just go straight and you’ll eventually find it on your right just beside Arabiscato bar.

    First things first: try out their bestselling Chicken Katsu, as I, and the waiting staff themselves, will recommend. The menu itself doesn’t offer that much variety of choices, but they will surely compensate it through superb taste and quality. Though a friend of mine with a very peculiar palate for Japanese cuisine ordered their Curry Rice, he only gave it an average okay. So to be safe on your first time, simply stick on the Katsu side of the menu! It won’t disappoint you, I promise.

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    April 28th, 2012

    Mahou Tsukai no Yoru: Witch on the Holy Night English Demo

    by chad

    It’s already a bit two thousand and late, but here’s the English demo of Type-Moon’s latest visual novel project Mahou Tsukai no Yoru: Witch on the Holy Night. Apparently, we get to discover how Shingetsutan Tsukihime‘s Aoko Aozaki lived her high school years, and how she became a powerful Magi as well as rival of her older sister, Kara No Kyoukai‘s Touko Aozaki. The download link is below!

    Playing the demo got me hooked on this one, and will definitely buy it should the full English version comes out! This game was actually released last April 12, 2012 but of course, only in Japanese. I’ve only played a few visual novels in my time, and finished even fewer, but it’s safe to say that they really have improved how the game goes about overall.

    There’s actually some animation going on the background as the texts appear, like panning, the clock’s hand ticking, lights getting turned on in the room, etc. And let’s not forget a vital part of VNs: the music. I’d rate it 10/10 as the songs really compliment the mood the words want to bring. Anyway, you really should try this out for yourself!

    Here’s the plot from Wiki: “Near the end of the Shōwa era in the late 1980s, an old mansion is rumored to be the home of a witch. After moving into the mansion, Aoko Aozaki begins to learn sorcery from a young mage, Alice Kuonji, the rumored witch of the mansion. Unexpectedly, a young boy named Soichiro Shizuki is drawn to the mansion and comes to reside with them as well.”

    Download Mahou Tsukai No Yoru: Witch on the Holy Night English Demo

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    April 26th, 2012

    For Sale: Vampire Knight Manga

    by chad

    A good friend of mine is selling her extra copies of Vampire Knight manga, chapters 3, 4, 7 and 9, all selling for 400PHP each. Just contact +639189637018 if interested.

    Tags: vampire knight, vampire knight chapter 3, vampire knight chapter 4, vampire knight chapter 7, vampire knight chapter 9, vampire knight manga, vampire knight manga sale, vampire knight sale
    April 26th, 2012

    For Sale: Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler Collectibles

    by chad

    A good friend of mine is selling her authentic extra Kuroshitsuji collector’s items. If interested, just contact +639189637018. Check ‘em out!

    1.) Kuroshitsuji II Final Record – an 104-paged art book consists of illustrations and cast reviews of Kuroshitsuji II. It also has a message from Yana Toboso herself. The book is full colored from 1-78 where the rest are in black and white. Released only in Japan by Square Enix last October 2010. Selling price is 2,000 PHP.

    2.) Sebastian Michaelis Figurine – Square Enix Static Arts model 240mm. Selling price is 1,500 PHP.

    Tags: black butler, black butler collectibles, black butler for sale, kuroshitsuji, kuroshitsuji collectibles, kuroshitsuji for sale, kuroshitsuji ii final record, square enix static arts sebastian michaelis
    April 19th, 2012

    For Sale: VOX AD30VT-XL Guitar Amplifier

    by chad

    My brother is selling is 30-watt Vox guitar amplifier. Check out the details below.

    VOX AD30VT-XL Guitar Amplifier

    Used – P11,500.00
    RFS: Upgrading Amps
    PM or contact 0920.926.8260

    Introduced in 2007, the AD30VT XL was a member of the AD Valvetronix XL Series of amplifiers. It featured one 10″ speaker in a closed back, pressed board cabinet powered by a 30 watt, 12AX7 tube/solid state hybrid Valvetronix amplifier circuit. The control panel was loaded with controls for eleven amp models, eleven pedal effects and a two channel digital programmer.

    The Valvetronix XL series was derived from the Valvetronix AD series that had been introduced in 2004. The preamp of the XL series amps was reconfigured to feature more aggressive, high gain heavy metal guitar voicings.

    The names of the eleven “Amp Models” on the AD30VT XL control panel were rather cryptic. They were: “Glass,” “Funked,” “Buzzsaw,” “Crunched,” “Thrashed,” “Raged,” “Modern,” “Fluid,” “Molten,” “Black,” and “Damaged.”

    Tags: guitar amplifier for sale, VOX AD30VT-XL, VOX AD30VT-XL for sale, vox amps, vox valvetronix
    April 17th, 2012

    Upcoming Anime This Summer 2012

    by chad

    Anime to be released between June and August 2012 c/o Neregate. Click to enlarge! :3

    Tags: , 2012 summer anime, anime for spring 2012, , new anime 2012, , summer 2012 anime, summer anime, upcoming anime 2012
    April 10th, 2012

    Rurouni Kenshin New Kyoto Arc Part 1: Cage of Flames

    by chad

    Are you guys ready for this? >.

    This just in, the new anime movie of Rurouni Kenshin, the remake of the New Kyoto Arc‘s first part: Homura no Ori, or Cage of Flames, is already out on the internet! Here’s a quick review and a few snapshots from the movie itself:

    It’s been months since it was premiered in Japanese cinemas. Finally, the higher-ups were able to release it in Blu-Ray last March 21. And thanks to our hardworking unsung fansubbers all over the world, we can now experience the heartfelt samurai slashing passion of Himura Kenshin once again, now in an all new perspective in Full HD!

    Shin Kyoto Hen: Homura no Ori is a 46-minute movie that retells the epic story of our wandering ex-Hitokiri Battousai going back to war again to stop Shishio Makoto from taking over Kyoto, and eventually, Japan. This time, from the perspective of Misao Makimachiwell, that’s what they said. But that was also the case in the original anime arc, actually. Just that, this movie started with Misao looking for the cold-blooded killer with an X mark on his face, with hopes of knowing Aoshi Shinomori‘s whereabouts. In the anime series, Kenshin just randomly bumped to the thieving Misao.

    The whole original cast have come back for this project, all except for Saito Hajime’s seiyuu Hirotaka Suzuoki, who passed away last 2006. Saito will now be voiced by Ken Narita.

    It’s just strange yet pretty refreshing for me to experience Rurouni Kenshin in this modernized feel of animation: the drawing is pretty sharp, and the details of the surroundings are quite impressive. Although the color and edges of the characters are pretty light, the overall feel of the visuals is unique and beautiful in itself.

    With regards to music, you’ll definitely feel very nostalgic of the old Rurouni Kenshin tunes as they recorded new pieces that contain similar melodies to the soundtracks of the series and OVAs.

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    Tags: aoshi shinomori, homura no ori, kamiya kaoru, , komagata yumi, misao makimachi, , rurouni kenshin homura no ori, , rurouni kenshin new kyoto arc, rurouni kenshin shin kyoto hen, saitou hajime, , samurai x movie, samurai x new kyoto arc, samurai x shin kyoto-hen, sanosuke sagara, shin-kyoto hen, shishio makoto
    April 6th, 2012

    Another Review

    by chad

    Wow. Upon checking my posts, my last anime review was Ore No Imouto which was done more than a month ago. I guess I’ve been too busy watching more that I deliberately wrote less. And there’s work too. Sorry to those who kept on visiting my site only to read useless personal posts lol.

    Anyway, I’ve decided to write about the anime adaptation of Another, which I’ll definitely remember as one of the most awesome shows released in early 2012. Having aired its finale last March 27, this mystery horror anime really appealed to me since besides being a fan of uncanny and unusual shows, it has zero fanservice (well except for that one beach trip, but the atmosphere in that episode was still depressing), which is rare. I don’t have anything against fanservice or anything, but it just tires me to watch time-consuming awkward angles that deprive me of exercising my imagination on my own.

    Plot: In 1972, a popular student named Misaki died in an accident. Her classmates, devastated by her unexpected death, carried on in class as if she’s still alive. If other people were to ask about Misaki, her classmates would point to her empty desk and say ‘What do you mean? Misaki’s right there.‘ They kept her desk in place and even went as far as bringing it to their graduation ceremony. The story goes that the dead Misaki was actually present in their graduation class photo.

    Spring 1998. Due to his father going to India for work, Kouichi Sakakibara transfers from Tokyo to his grandparents’ house in the rural town of Yomiyama. Alas, his lung collapsed which got him hospitalized, making him skip the first few weeks of school.

    A few days before leaving the hospital and starting school, he gets visited by fellow classmates from Yomi North: Izumi Akazawa, Tomohiko Kazami and Yukari Sakuragi, to check up on their new comrade.

    Unable to call his dad, Kouichi decides to go outside the hospital to get a decent cell phone signal. He meets an eye-patched girl on the elevator wearing the same uniform girls wear in Yomi North. She mentions her name is Misaki Mei and that she has to do something, to fulfill a promise. Kouichi bids her goodbye as she fades away from the lightless basement floor, walking towards the morgue with a creepy doll in hand.

    On his first day of school, he notices that he’s actually classmates with this Misaki Mei.

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    Tags: akazawa another, , another, , , horror mystery anime, horror mystery novel, , kazami another, , mikami sensei, misaki another, misaki fujioka, , naoya teshigawara, reiko, sakakibara another, sakuragi another, teshigawara another, , yomi north, yomi north another, yomiyama, yomiyama another, , yukiyo misaki, yuuya mochizuki
    April 4th, 2012

    2012 PC Upgrade: Complete!

    by chad

    The next day after posting my old PC for sale, a friend of Perfect Renders videographer Japo immediately decided to buy it right away. Thank you, Alex G., for your patronage! :)

    So after almost two years, I finally get to upgrade yet again! This time, with the goal of being able to render faster and more efficiently when it comes to work. Meaning, post-production with videos using Adobe Premiere and After Effects along with a load of machine-abusing third party plugins. They can BSOD your PC immediately when it can’t keep up. >.

    The new machine comprises of the ff. hardware:

    Processor: Intel Core i7-2600k
    Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-M Pro
    Video Card: Inno3D GTX560 1 GB DDr5 256-bit
    Hard Disk Drive: 1TB Hitachi Sata
    Memory: Gskills Ripjaws 8GB (4×2)
    DVD Drive: Liteon 24x Sata
    Power Supply: Coolermaster GX650w
    CPU Casing: Thermaltake V4 Chassis

    Comparing this one from my old machine, it’s somewhat a pretty average leap since the upgrade could have been pushed a little farther. The problem being, like any other frustrated computer geek who wants the best rig, is cold, hard cash. Instead of of Intel i7-2600k and GTX 560, I would have gone for the 25k GTX580 and 27k Intel i7-3930k, respectively. But man, my wallet and bank accounts just can’t keep up! Lol.

    Well anyway, I guess this would have to do for now. Expect more awesome videos soon! \m/

    Tags: adobe after effects, , alex gervacio, asus p8z68-m pro, , computer upgrade, coolermaster gx650w, gskills ripjaws, hitachi hard disk, Inno3D GTX560, intel i7-2600k, , , pc upgrade, pcx, , thermaltake v4