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  • Ore No Imouto Review

    by chad

    Fully titled Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, literally meaning There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be This Cute and also known as Ore No Imouto or simply Oreimo, is one of the latest anime shows I’ve come to finish in just one sitting. Not just because of the usual total cliffhangers in the end of each episode, rather because of it’s somewhat interesting and unique plot instigating pure and instinctive sibling love-hate…with a suggestive underlying siscon theme? Well, it’s up to the viewers to decide. Btw, it’s only 15 episodes! :D

    Plot: The story follows Kyosuke Kosaka, a normal 17-year-old high school student in Chiba, who has been living a mundane life in contrast with his beautiful, smart and talented little sister, Kirino. For as long as he can remember, he hasn’t gotten along with his sister well and their relationship has been very distant since. He constantly rants about these feelings to his childhood friend Manami Tamura.

    One time after school, Kyosuke accidentally bumped into Kirino and had her personal belongings scatter throughout the floor. He tried to help her, but Kirino wasn’t very keen in accepting his help.

    After Kirino left, Kyosuke noticed something on the floor…

    …which turned out to be a Mahou Shoujo anime DVD containing a little sister-themed adult game.

    He considered the possibility of it being part of his naughty collection and just mistakenly switched the DVD cases, though he vehemently denied the notion after thinking about it for a few seconds. He had practically zero interest in anything anime or 2D. He then comes up with an idea to determine which member from his family owns that indecent eroge.

    In the end, his suspicions were right - it was Kirino. He caught her snooping in his room when he pretended to go outside and buy something at a convenience store.

    Of course, little sister was embarrassed so she denied everything Kyosuke accused her with regards to that eroge. To save his sister some face, he asked her to throw it away for him since no one owns the damn thing. Pleased with big bro’s kind reaction, Kirino asks him what he’ll think “if” she actually owns that kind of stuff. Kyosuke responded that no matter what her hobbies are, he won’t make fun of her since it’s really up to her on what hobbies she wants to indulge into.

    Taking comfort in Kyosuke’s last statement, Kirino invites him to her room and requested some “life counseling” where she would expose to him her deepest darkest secret: that she’s a hardcore otaku that collects that mahou shoujo anime’s merchandise and is a total addict at little sister-themed eroges.

    Considering her stature on society and how the world looks down on otaku, she just kept that hobby to herself all this time without telling a single soul. The repercussions of her parents and friends knowing would be devastating. However, one would obviously loose it if she’s got no one to talk with regarding her hobbies – and unknowing Kyosuke just got into the perfect position for that.

    Kyosuke decides to help her keep her secret and from that day on, their relationship as brother and sister would now be more like true “brother and sister” where they’d literally hate each other’s guts, but still help each other out when the other’s in trouble. But of course, big brother would be the one giving the helping hand more since he’s the elder one lol.

    Kirino’s life as a heartthrob supermodel sports champion closet otaku would never be the same. ^_^

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