Silya’t Sili – White Plains Home Decor, Art Gallery & Resto!


A friend who’s going back to work as a mariner for a year took us to this awesome restaurant-slash-art gallery called Silya’t Sili, located along White Plains in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. The place offers specially home-made Filipino dishes that’ll knock your socks out. :D

At first glance, I thought we’d be bleeding out of our wallets since it’s facade waas kind of high-class looking, not to mention the cars parked and the people eating inside. But nah, after eating there, I guess it was all imagination derived from the insecurities of not having too much dough on our pockets LOL.

It ain’t called home decor and art gallery for nothing. The staircase sides are beautifully engrossed with chili, and the restaurant walls, with various kinds of paintings produced by honed artists. While you look through the art and taste your chow, a soothing cafe background music shall accompany you in your endeavors.

Let’s get down to business. The three of us ordered Crispy Pata, Beef Bulalo, Grilled Squid, Bicol Express, Pinakbet, Binagoongan Rice, Plain Rice, and Yellow Mango Shake, which totaled us around 1800 PHP. Not bad huh? And they’re all very delicious to boot. Click here for the full list of the menu.

Pictures and individual prices below:

Crispy Pata – 435 PHP

Binagoongan Rice – 170 PHP

Grilled Squid – 245 PHP

Beef Bulalo – 310 PHP

Bicol Express – 170 PHP

Pinakbet – 160 PHP

Migs, Dave and Me

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  1. rmi arambulo says:

    Would love to try this pace! :) miss u ex! :)

  2. jimbo says:

    classy joint! would love to check this place out. filipino dishes are the best. great write-ups. very engaging. super pictures too.


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