Buffalo Joint’s Wings from Hell!

My good friend since nursery school, Michael Ryan Santos, invited me to dine at Buffalo Joint- an awesome food and booz hang-out place which he currently manages. Located along University of the Philippines’ famous food haven Maginhawa St., it’s a somewhat similar concept to Marikina’s Lilac St. You ready? Let’s get it on!!

Brought from the fiery ground up by John Reyes and Dennis Patacsil, both graduates of St. Paul Quezon City, Buffalo Joint is sure to be made a spicy-as-hell sanctuary for university students and professors alike who’re looking for a belly-filling and alcohol-induced refuge to escape the academe. Of all the awesome places to visit in UP Teacher’s Village, this is one place you shouldn’t miss.


Smoking area

Non-smoking area / air-conditioned

It’s nice and simple- no complicated formalities and it’s as homey as it can get. Go in, order, and have a good time. There are seven food categories on the menu: Buffalo Wings, Entrees, Pulutang Pinoy, Afforda-Bulls, Beverages, Mixed Drinks and Add-ons.

Buffalo Wings – 265 PHP (10 pcs.) / 500 PHP (20 pcs.)

For the buffalo wings, you have to choose from three flavors: Wing Sauce, Honey Garlic or Sweet Barbeque, and three K.O. sauces: Summer, El Nino and Hell. On our ten-piece wings, we had four Hells and six El Ninos. The Hells were bearable at first, but got exponentially spicy and then stung us after- just the way we like it. The El Ninos were okay. But if we’re to talk about the spiciest yet, Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things’ level 5 Armageddon would still take the cake. I talked to Michael about this, but he said they actually leveled the spiciness down awhile back since there was an incident where a customer complained that it’s so spicy he couldn’t eat it. What a pussy.

Anyway, pair those buffalo wings from hell with frozen Below Zero San Mig Lights and what do we get? Friggin’ Equilibrium! We also tried a couple of their other dishes and all of them got a delicious and affordable high-five. Check these photos out!

Pizza Tacos – 120 PHP

Round Steak – 160 PHP

Sizzling Hungarian Sausage – 140 PHP

Sizzling Sisig – 150 PHP

Below Zero San Mig Light – 35 PHP

With Mgr. Michael Ryan Santos in the effin’ center!

Maginhawa St., UP Village
Quezon City
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Facebook Page

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  1. michymichymoo says:

    Lots of restos along Lilac. I think I should visit this area soon. :)


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