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  • Archive for February, 2012

    February 29th, 2012

    Midnight Skyline at Cloud 9

    by chad

    With nothing to do in the wee hours of dawn, my friends and I decided to drop by Cloud 9, a hotel/bar/resto/sports and leisure club rested along Sumulong Hi-way when you’re on your way to Antipolo City proper. Having anticipated of a good view from a high place like Cloud 9, we brought our cameras of course. To view more photos from this album, click here.

    Here are the shots I took:

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    February 28th, 2012

    Biksa Coffee – Hidden Cafe at Gil Fernando, Marikina

    by chad

    The perfect place to hang out in Marikina where there are delicious ice-cold frappes served with Italian dishes, comfy sofas and chairs, fast wifi and power outlets for laptops, and where less people go to to save you the noise and hassle, would be the city’s Biksa Coffee.

    Located along Gil Fernando St. cor. Dragon St. in Marikina City, quite near Sta. Lucia and Robinsons malls, the place is pretty isolated. While at the street of Gil Fernando, the landmark of Dragon St. would be the only Banco De Oro in the area. You won’t miss it! If you’re going from Sta. Lucia, it’d be on your left way past ‘Tapsi Ni Vivian‘.

    Like I said, the place is REALLY cozy and spacey. You’d be cold without a jacket, but the comfy sofa chairs give too nice a feeling that you’ll forget about feeling too cold. Aside from the wonderfully designed cafe that emits a very relaxing ambiance, the staff are pretty accommodating. The prices aren’t bad, either!

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    February 27th, 2012

    Silya’t Sili – White Plains Home Decor, Art Gallery & Resto!

    by chad

    A friend who’s going back to work as a mariner for a year took us to this awesome restaurant-slash-art gallery called Silya’t Sili, located along White Plains in Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. The place offers specially home-made Filipino dishes that’ll knock your socks out. :D

    At first glance, I thought we’d be bleeding out of our wallets since it’s facade waas kind of high-class looking, not to mention the cars parked and the people eating inside. But nah, after eating there, I guess it was all imagination derived from the insecurities of not having too much dough on our pockets LOL.

    It ain’t called home decor and art gallery for nothing. The staircase sides are beautifully engrossed with chili, and the restaurant walls, with various kinds of paintings produced by honed artists. While you look through the art and taste your chow, a soothing cafe background music shall accompany you in your endeavors.

    Let’s get down to business. The three of us ordered Crispy Pata, Beef Bulalo, Grilled Squid, Bicol Express, Pinakbet, Binagoongan Rice, Plain Rice, and Yellow Mango Shake, which totaled us around 1800 PHP. Not bad huh? And they’re all very delicious to boot. Click here for the full list of the menu.

    Pictures and individual prices below:

    Crispy Pata – 435 PHP

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    Tags: art gallery, art gallery restaurant, beef bulalo, bicol express, binagoongan rice, crispy pata, filipino dishes, grilled squid, home decor, home decor restaurant, kare-kare, non-commercialized restaurants, philippine restaurants, pinakbet, , silya't sili katipunan, silya't sili restaurant, silya'y sili, white plains katipunan, white plains restaurant
    February 25th, 2012

    Ore No Imouto Review

    by chad

    Fully titled Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, literally meaning There’s No Way My Little Sister Can Be This Cute and also known as Ore No Imouto or simply Oreimo, is one of the latest anime shows I’ve come to finish in just one sitting. Not just because of the usual total cliffhangers in the end of each episode, rather because of it’s somewhat interesting and unique plot instigating pure and instinctive sibling love-hate…with a suggestive underlying siscon theme? Well, it’s up to the viewers to decide. Btw, it’s only 15 episodes! :D

    Plot: The story follows Kyosuke Kosaka, a normal 17-year-old high school student in Chiba, who has been living a mundane life in contrast with his beautiful, smart and talented little sister, Kirino. For as long as he can remember, he hasn’t gotten along with his sister well and their relationship has been very distant since. He constantly rants about these feelings to his childhood friend Manami Tamura.

    One time after school, Kyosuke accidentally bumped into Kirino and had her personal belongings scatter throughout the floor. He tried to help her, but Kirino wasn’t very keen in accepting his help.

    After Kirino left, Kyosuke noticed something on the floor…

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    February 20th, 2012

    Tagaytay Birthday Trip

    by chad

    To celebrate my sister’s good friend Paul Jao’s birthday (and coincidentally, mine also), we went to Tagaytay. My brother was finally able to take his new car for a ride – travel time only took us less than 90 minutes! David also tagged along so we practiced taking pictures. Hoorah for fun bonding with friends and family! ^_^

    For more pictures from this shoot, click here.

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    Tags: birthday, carlo's pizza, , chic-boy, , mile-hi diner, , tagaytay photoshoot
    February 13th, 2012

    Akashic Records Now At ChadSenga.com!

    by chad

    Like what it says. All new blog updates will be posted to CHADSENGA.COM, and I won’t be using AKASHICRECORDS.WORDPRESS.COM anymore. ^_^


    February 7th, 2012

    Battle Moon Wars (PC Game)

    by chad

    Seeing Carnival Phantasm finally end was such a downer. Don’t get me wrong – the show was totally awesome, as in totally! But I was really hoping for Ryougi Shiki to make an appearance (All Around Type-moon: Ahnenerbe no Nichijou, anyone?). Technically, she did, but it was just like, 2 seconds at the finale!? Not fair :/

    I literally craved for more Type-moon crossovers, so I stumbled upon this 2005 dōjin PC game by Werk called Battle Moon Wars, where apparently, heroes and villains alike from various Type-moon franchises (mainly Fate, Tsukihime and Kara No Kyoukai) would be chop-sued together for an awesome super-deformed RPG experience!

    “Take the three major facets of the Nasuverse: Tsukihime, Fate/stay night and Kara no Kyoukai. Then mix them together into a Massive Multiplayer Crossover, and add a duo of original characters on top. Through four acts, what starts as a not-so simple maidnapping explodes into a new Grail War, as one by one, a mysterious enemy is bringing back defeated villains from Nasuverse past, with shiny new power boosts to boot.” -TVTropes.org

    Saber to Kohaku: “I ask of you…Art though my Master?”

    Upon starting a new game, you’ll get to choose among two original characters: Takumi, specializing in melee combat (high HP & strength, and far moving distance) and Haruna, who can attack from afar (low HP & average strength, and has little coverage when moving around). They both work for Shin’i, an organization that uses magitek and prevents the supernatural from preying on humans, as well as encourage cooperation and co-existence between the neutral supernaturals. You’ll be seeing the story in their point of view as they interact with the various NasuVerse characters.

    The Super Route (Takumi) would deal more on Shingetsutan Tsukihime, while the Real Route (Haruna) would be more Fate/Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Route. But after finishing the game, you can start a New Game Plus where you can carry over your powered-up characters, and get the most out of both stories.

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    Tags: all around type-moon, battle moon wars, battle moon wars review, , , fate/stay night pc game, fate/stay night rpg, haruna mochizuki, heaven's feel route, , kara no kyoukai pc game, kara no kyoukai rpg, , takumi atsuta, tsukihime pc game, tsukihime rpg, type-moon rpg, typemoon crossover, typemoon dojin, typemoon doujinshi, werk dojin game
    February 6th, 2012

    Edwin & Edel Back-up Shots

    by chad

    Having specialized only in videography, I usually hire professionals with regards to the photography side of Perfect Renders. But this time, I decided to take pictures as well with Mr. Rod Vicente.

    Here are selected shots from me during the pre-nup. Only a few will make it to the final photo album, and the rest would be Rod’s. Pictures were taken at Freedom Park and La Cocina de Tita Moning, Malacanang, Manila last January 26, 2012.

    To see more from this event, click here.

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    Tags: , chad senga photography, , edel mabalay, edelweiza mabalay, edwin techo, la cocina de tita moning, malacanang manila, , pre-nup photography, pre-nup photoshoot, pre-nup pictorial, rod vicente, wedding photoshoot, wedding pictorial
    February 3rd, 2012

    Fate/Stay Night’s Saber is a Dad. Wait, What!?!

    by chad

    Not much has been revealed regarding Saber’s past (as everyone pretty much knows King Arthur’s legend already) but after that bold step of gender change by Type-Moon to fit the market of FSN’s visual novel, one’s gonna think how that would affect the overall story of the legend. And well, what do you know, I have surprising news!

    Whilst trap in a black hole reading deep within the uncharted territories of Type-Moon’s Wikia, I encountered some shocking information regarding our dear servant Saber, Arturia Pendragon – that she actually has a son, Mordred, and that she was the one who fathered him! Weird, huh? And wait, how did that happen again?

    Fate/Zero ED: Saber, killing her son, Mordred, in the Battle of Camlann

    In the legend, it’s supposed to be that way (since King Arthur is male d’oh), but I was thinking there were gonna be some other gender changes as well with FSN’s cast so everything would fall into place. Apparently, Type-Moon stuck with the original story and temporarily made her a dude instead.

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    Tags: arthur pendragon, arturia pendragon's son, battle of camlann, fate battle of camlann, fate merlin, fate mordred, fate morgan, fate morgan le fay, , fate/stay night battle of camlann, fate/stay night merlin, fate/stay night mordred, , , morgan, saber is a dad, saber is a father, , type-moon easter egg
    February 2nd, 2012

    How’s Business? Camera Rig Shopping at Hidalgo

    by chad

    After months of hard work, I was finally able to gather up enough financial resources to buy additional equipment for my lonesome camera. And what better place to go to than the camera central of the Philippines, Hidalgo St. in Quiapo! Everyone should already know this, but when going there to buy expensive equipment, take extra caution since the place is also known for le snatchers.

    Ever since I became interested in video production, I’ve always dreamed to have my own high-tier equipment, hoping that I would be more inspired when doing projects. Problem was, our family was barely keeping up even with its basic monthly expenses, so we really couldn’t afford such gadgets.

    In 2009, I saved up cash and bought a 2nd hand Panasonic DVD-camcorder via Sulit, which I used whenever I had student clients doing a school project. That was the start of my campaign.

    Next upgrade would be mid-2011, when a good friend sold to me his Canon 550D via post-dated check (so I had time to save up), bundled up with an 85mm 1.8 and camera bag, at a very ridiculously low price. This was my ticket to also explore photography. What I got weren’t really high-tier when compared to those from the professional category, but it is for me since it’s good enough to take 24p cinematic videos in 1080p resolution. “With just that you could already start doing wedding and corporate videos!” is what I said to myself.

    After those initial investments, I thought it’s time to upgrade a little more so I can improve the quality of service I can provide for my clients. Like what a Mr. Francis Kong said in his talk “If you don’t treat yourself well, you don’t grow, you don’t improve, how can you treat your customers well?” With that line I was able to stray away from spending for luxuries and short-term pleasures. I was burning up to expand my venture!

    Anyway, here’s a list of what I’ve bought and their quick reviews! :3

    CANON 50mm 1.8
    Store & Price: Mayer Photo, 4000 PHP
    Use: Portrait lens that’s very sharp and works wonders in low light conditions. Not to mention affordable!

    18-55mm 3.5-5.6 vs 50mm 1.8

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