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  • Battle Moon Wars (PC Game)

    by chad

    Seeing Carnival Phantasm finally end was such a downer. Don’t get me wrong – the show was totally awesome, as in totally! But I was really hoping for Ryougi Shiki to make an appearance (All Around Type-moon: Ahnenerbe no Nichijou, anyone?). Technically, she did, but it was just like, 2 seconds at the finale!? Not fair :/

    I literally craved for more Type-moon crossovers, so I stumbled upon this 2005 dōjin PC game by Werk called Battle Moon Wars, where apparently, heroes and villains alike from various Type-moon franchises (mainly Fate, Tsukihime and Kara No Kyoukai) would be chop-sued together for an awesome super-deformed RPG experience!

    “Take the three major facets of the Nasuverse: Tsukihime, Fate/stay night and Kara no Kyoukai. Then mix them together into a Massive Multiplayer Crossover, and add a duo of original characters on top. Through four acts, what starts as a not-so simple maidnapping explodes into a new Grail War, as one by one, a mysterious enemy is bringing back defeated villains from Nasuverse past, with shiny new power boosts to boot.” -TVTropes.org

    Saber to Kohaku: “I ask of you…Art though my Master?”

    Upon starting a new game, you’ll get to choose among two original characters: Takumi, specializing in melee combat (high HP & strength, and far moving distance) and Haruna, who can attack from afar (low HP & average strength, and has little coverage when moving around). They both work for Shin’i, an organization that uses magitek and prevents the supernatural from preying on humans, as well as encourage cooperation and co-existence between the neutral supernaturals. You’ll be seeing the story in their point of view as they interact with the various NasuVerse characters.

    The Super Route (Takumi) would deal more on Shingetsutan Tsukihime, while the Real Route (Haruna) would be more Fate/Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Route. But after finishing the game, you can start a New Game Plus where you can carry over your powered-up characters, and get the most out of both stories.

    The game mostly switches between character dialogues super-imposed on locational backgrounds to progress the story, and the actual turn-based battles themselves, which are very reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics. The plot is pretty nice, the writers were able to come up with a story where all the concepts from the different franchises come fluidly together.

    Just like Final Fantasy Tactics and chess, the battles will always be on a map/game board where you’ll control several characters with different abilities, and can only move a certain limited distance per turn. To win, each battle has a certain condition for you to achieve, but most of the time you’re just gonna have to kill ‘em all.

    The math done for character stats, skills attacks, and the level up system are actually pretty good. Attack, damage taken, and chances of evasion would depend on the stats and distance of the two characters involved – which can be augmented by casting a spirit skill before moving and attacking (which is always crucial). The percentage of success of both characters can be seen before starting the battle so they’ve pretty much saved you the time for computing lol.

    Before starting the battle, there’s an on/off switch for the animation so you can turn it off if you get tired of seeing the characters perform their special moves already. But I recommend watching everyone’s moves at least once. I mean, the graphics aren’t HD or anything, but it’s still fun since I’ve totally drowned myself in Type-moon that much. XD

    After every battle will be an intermission scene where you can upgrade your characters through BP (Stats & Weapons) and FP Points (Skills & Abilities), as well as stat-boosting items.

    Well anyway, I’ve still got to finish this game myself. So much for playing PS3 – I’m actually choosing this crappy sprite-based game first over finishing COD: MW3, Resident Evil 5, Catherine and Final Fantasy XIII-2! :3

    Shiki & Shiki Mystic Eyes of Death Perception Combination Attack WTF!!! XD

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