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  • Archive for June, 2011

    June 30th, 2011

    Carnival Phantasm Trailers: Type-Moon Crossover-gasm!

    by chad

    It’s already a bit late, but I was absolutely really shocked and thrilled to discover that this Type-Moon fan-service overload of a show exists! For those who haven’t heard of Carnival Phantasm yet, it’s an upcoming anime OVA series that features crossovers from Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Melty Blood and Fate/Hollow Atraxia.

    Seeing our supposed to be uber-serious and gloomy characters enjoying themselves with slice-of-life instances in this very comic and uplifting show, is really quite the sight!

    Here’s the scoop from the press release:

    Type-Moon‘s official website for its Carnival Phantasm anime project began streaming an opening promotional video and a character introduction promotional video off YouTube on Friday.

    The anime adapts an anthology of Type-Moon manga short stories by Kannagi creator Eri Takenashi to celebrate Type-Moon‘s 10th anniversary. Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, My Bride is a Mermaid) is directing this anime at Lerche with scripts by Makoto Uezu (Is This A Zombie?, My Bride is a Mermaid, Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-).

    The Blu-ray Disc of the “1st Season” will ship in Japan on August 14, although people can buy it early at the Comic Market 80 event at the Tokyo Big Sight event center starting on August 12.

    And here are the two promotional videos!

    I was about to go to bed but I stumbled over this anime’s Facebook page and now I can’t sleep! It’s 5AM and I need to get up by 9AM. Ugh, wish me luck. Anyway, I’m REALLY looking forward to this one. It kind of reminds me of Full Metal Panic! doing their Fumoffu series – but not quite. What excites and intrigues me most is that surprise factor on how the characters from the different shows will interact. Even the bad guys are there to join in the fun. LOL.

    The only thing I’m the least bit unhappy about this is that Ryougi Shiki and the rest of the cast from Kara No Kyoukai won’t be joining this crossover revolution – Canaan too. Oh well, I guess Type-Moon has its reasons.

    Let’s settle with this for now. I’ll keep you guys posted once more news have been shed to anime fandom light!

    Season 1 | Season 2 | Season EX

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    June 25th, 2011

    Higurashi Poems by Frederica Bernkastel

    by chad

    13 more days until Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Kira File.01! And to keep fans like myself from going crazy over the agonizing wait, here are some rare Higurashi stuff I’ve found online – specifically the English translations of the poems presented at the beginning of each chapter in the original visual novel game. I never was able to play the game, but I loved the anime like family. If you were able to watch the series as well, I bet these poems would take you to a nostalgic high – if you still remember the chapter titles, that is. If you don’t know Higurashi yet, maybe these poems might interest you in watching as they are the precursors that describe every arc’s situation via the point of view of Frederica Bernkastel.

    Don’t know Higurashi: When they Cry? Read the review I wrote about it here!

    So who is she? Even for a hardcore fan, you still may not come to know her. If anything, she looks like an older Rika and is only briefly seen at the last episode of season 2, talking to a young Takano Miyo. You may also have seen her in Umineko No Naku Koro Ni (When the Seagulls Cry) as the Witch of Miracles, but her existence begins in Higurashi’s Atonement Chapter, when Rika Furude loses herself to despair, hopelessness and lost of interest in overcoming her and her friends’ tragic fate.

    read more »

    Tags: anime easter eggs, , atonement chapter, bernkastel witch of miracles, cotton drifting chapter, curse-killing chapter, demoned-away chapter, eye-opening chapter, festival accompanying chapter, frederica bernkastel poems, , higurashi english translations, Higurashi game, , , higurashi poems, higurashi rika, higurashi special, higurashi visual novel, himatsubushi-hen, massacre chapter, matsuribayashi-hen, meakashi-hen, minagoroshi-hen, onikakushi-hen, oyashiro, oyashiro-sama, rika furude, rika furude frederica bernkastel, rika witch of miracles, takano miyo, tatarigoroshi-hen, time-killing chapter, tsumihoroboshi-hen, , watanagashi-hen
    June 20th, 2011

    ToyCon June 2011 Photos

    by chad

    It was really fun seeing people cos-up as awesome anime and game characters with such creativity and enthusiasm – and because of just that, I set sail to ToyCon June 2011 to practice my noob-ish photography skills and relentlessly try to get around setting those fun values of the exposure triangle.

    Anime conventions in SM Megamall are usually crowded but of the few times I’ve attended, I guess ToyCon really takes the cake. Three Megatrade Halls were rented out for the two-day event with a toy sale / exhibit, a band stage and cosplay ramp as the three main sections. Entrance is 100 PHP but for those wanting to only take pictures of or with the cosplayers, just going to the top floor of the mall would suffice.

    Anyway, view all of the pictures in my Facebook album here. Just tag yourselves. I hope you like ‘em!

    Tags: alodia gosiengfiao, anime convention, anime cosplayers, anime photography, anton maza, ashley gosiengfiao, , cosplay photography, cosplayers, costrip, filipino cosplayers, , iron man, nicole faller, pinoy cosplayers, raymond sison, sm megamall, sm megatrade hall, toy convention, toycon, toycon 2011, toycon june 2011, toycon philippines, toycon sm, toyconph.com
    June 19th, 2011

    First Time dSLR Photography

    by chad

    A dSLR within my grasp isn’t really expected until about 2012-2013, but because of a certain awesome friend of an awesome friend and my brother, we were able to get one on an earlier time frame! Of course, I initially planned on getting a Canon 550D for its video features (added arsenal for my photo video business Perfect Renders) but I also didn’t want to waste the camera by just limiting its use to just that.

    Knowing nothing about photography (maybe except for the higher the ISO gets, the brighter and more noisy the image becomes), I though that this might be a perfect chance to learn a few fun stuff that would probably be of some use in the not-so-distant future. I’d also get to sympathize with the photographers I hire for our projects, I thought to myself. To start off the learning process, big bro and I got the manual, some online guides and tutorials in e-book format and a video from Blue Crane.

    After a few dry runs within the four corners of my room, I finally gained the courage to test it out at the next gig of my brother’s band Mono at the newly re-located Headstock Bar, Marikina City. You can view the whole album in my Facebook here.

    What happened was pretty much like guerrilla shooting – I had no idea what kind of exposure settings to use so I just messed around will all three (ISO, aperture and shutter speed), having a little backup knowledge from the basics I’ve read about. Anyway, the photos in the Facebook album linked above are unedited – please bear with my half-assed shots unworthy to be called photography.

    After the gig, we went to Calda Pizza in Katipunan for some take-out midnight snack to be feasted later on while watching Evangelion 1.11 – You Are Not Alone (awesome movie, by the way!) I also took a couple of pictures of the place and our pizza in the making while waiting for it to be packaged and served. The photos were used in my Calda Pizza review which can be viewed here.

    Now that I decided to expand my crystarium to the field of photography, you can expect not just video presentations from me from now on, but a couple of so-so creative photo shots as well! Banzai!!

    Tags: basic photography, canon 550D, canon rebel t2i, first time dslr, first time photography, photography skills, photography tricks
    June 18th, 2011

    Calda Pizza – From Cebu to Manila

    by chad

    On the final night of our Cebu vacation last summer 2010, me and my friends roamed around Mango Avenue hoping to find that perfect hangout place – we eventually stumbled upon Calda and their monster-sized pizza of 36 inches. And who would have thought that almost a year later, 4 branches would already have invaded Manila!

    Besides having their pizza on a humongous scale, they’re also quite tasty and affordable – with 23 flavorful variations ranging from 150 PHP (basic 10″ Margherita) to 1,130 PHP (four-flavored 36″ Quattro Stagione). They currently have 4 branches stationed at N. Domingo and Blueridge Quezon City, Pioneer Street Mandaluyong City and P. Noval Manila.

    The one we usually go to is at Blueridge Katipunan, just almost beside the smaller Banapple. The place is cozy and quiet, perfect for people who just want to hang out, talk, eat pizza and have a couple of drinks without the loud tugs-tugs music generally present at the local bars. Yes, they sell beer and only for 130 PHP per bucket!

    read more »

    Tags: 36 inches pizza, albertos cebu, albertos pizza, biano's pizza, bianos cebu, big pizza, biggest pizza philippines, blueridge, calda cebu, calda pizza, cebu pizza, filipino pizza, food trip, greenwich, katipunan, mandaluyong city, , manila pizza, manila travel, p. noval, philippines travel, pizza hut, places to visit in manila, planet pizza, , shakeys
    June 8th, 2011

    Crucis Fatal/Fake (PC)

    by chad

    Before being able to play official Fate/Stay Night video games like Fate/Unlimited Codes, I also tried this surprisingly decent fan-made 3D fighting game for the PC named Crucis Fatal/Fake.

    Can anyone tell where this logo was based on? LOL!

    Developed by Light’s, this unofficial game follows the canonical events of the Fate and Heaven’s Feel arcs, having a total of 19 master and servant characters (some unlockables) from both Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Atraxia.

    Four main modes can be chosen from upon launching the game: Arcade Mode – select a master with his/her corresponding servant, and go on with the story as you defeat the other masters one by one. Versus Mode – battle it out with a friend or CPU using your favorite masters and servants without a pair restriction. Heck, you can event pair up Shiro with Gilgamesh!

    read more »

    Tags: 3d fighting game, anime game, anime pc game, arturia pendragon, crucis fatal fake, crucis fatal/fake, fatal fake, fatal/fake, fate/hollow atraxia, , fate/stay night archer, fate/stay night game, fate/stay night gilgamesh, fate/stay night pc game, fate/stay night ps2, heaven's feel arc, master shirou, pcsx2, ps2 emulator, sevant saber, tohsaka rin, , typemoon game
    June 1st, 2011

    Murder Princess Review

    by chad

    I stumbled upon Murder Princess on YouTube and found the title pretty catchy. I checked it out right away. Usually, the term princess should indicate status of noble blood – being the epitome of elegance, beauty and enticement. But if we attach the word ‘murder’ in it we get a whole different yet still awesome meaning. The story progression in this anime has quite the twist, so put this on your list!

    Plot: A coup d’état was launched in the castle of Forland Kingdom and with the king’s dying breath, he forces his daughter, Alita Forland, to escape from the castle and seek aid from her brother who is currently in an expedition abroad.

    Upon reaching Elure Forest at the border of the country, the royal guards find themselves killed by an unknown monster, and Alita ran for her life. She suddenly stumbles upon a wandering bounty hunter named Falis. Still scared and confused, Alita grabbed onto her and they accidentally fell off the cliff.

    read more »

    Tags: alita forland, , back-on, cyndina 672, cyndina era, domonikov, dr. akamashi, falis, jodo entolasia, milano entolasia, murder princess, murder princess alita, murder princess ana, murder princess anime, murder princess cecilia, murder princess dominikov, murder princess falis, murder princess kaito, murder princess milano, murder princess pete armstrong, murder princess review, murder princess yuna, pete armstrong, prince kaito, romi paku, yasafumi fukuda