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  • Archive for October, 2011

    October 28th, 2011

    Top 15 Anime Openings – Part 2

    by chad

    After days of inactivity in this blog, it’s feels awesome to be back! And here I got you guys a little something to make up for the post-less days passed: my top 15 anime opening sequences just for you to watch! If you viewed my Anime List page and liked what you saw, then I guess you’ll have no qualms with me saying that you’ll also love what’s in store for you here.

    These are my personal top 15 and no, they are not in order. I really love them all but I just couldn’t decide how to rank them since they all have varying pros and cons. An opening or closing sequence, even an insert song, may be rated on its musicality, fancy visual effects, creativity, relation to the plot and characters, moe elements, weirdness factor, the fact that it doesn’t appear too scripted, and god knows what else.

    This is Part 2. Click here to view Part 1!

    Heck, there are even those that you’d just ignore at first. But after coming to know the show and its surprisingly interesting plot, it suddenly takes your no. 1 spot. That is, until a new awesome series shows up – thus repeating the cycle. And I guess that brings birth to us feeling irritated when people just dismiss our anime by judging them halfheartedly – “They don’t know what they’re missing since they haven’t watched everything yet!” is probably what we wanted to say. LOL

    Of the thousands of anime series out there, I guess it’s really impossible to account a perpetual top 15 of such. So yeah, these are mine as of the time being, and I hope you enjoy them! Also, share your favorite OP sequences by commenting below! :)

    Fate/Zero – Oath Sign

    Type-moon does it again! The superb animation is unmistakeably by Ufotable, and this OP just surpasses Fate/Stay Night’s in all aspects. And believe me, those OP versions were awesome already, especially the remastered version.

    In a world that repeats itself, how many times do I need to reach out
    to have my fleeting tears melt your black heart?

    Persona 4: The Animation – Sky’s the Limit

    Similar to the opening of Persona 4′s PS2 game, but different. It adapted the game’s pop-ish yellow design as well as the motion graphics’ scheme and only focused on its 8 main characters and their persona. The music is embedded with the creators’ upbeat hip-hop style smoothly mixed along with various instruments like piano, guitar and orchestra. As usual, the lyrics are direct and somewhat cheesy, but it’s still awesome in its own way.

    I’m believing you and I can do anything / We can change the world
    Hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings / To roadless travel together we go…

    Gintama’ – Dilemma

    After joking around with Gintama’s last OP, they finally get serious again with the 10th. This time with Gintoki and all the other significant characters roaming around the city’s night lights. And of course, there will always be a scene about his past and his comrades, as well as a fight scene with the upcoming bad guy. The drawing is a little vague so we can’t tell who it is yet. Definitely one of Gintama’s best OP.

    read more »

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    October 21st, 2011

    Level E Review

    by chad

    I watched Level E first after some random guy posted in Twitter that this show offers a somehow insane yet different brand of comedy. And he was right! I just love how the suspense and serious atmosphere would build up dramatically, only to be used as a stepping stool for the unexpected hilarity to come. Though for the record, Gintama would still be the top dog in terms of crazy alien settings.

    Plot: “Presently, there are hundreds of alien species coming and going, living their lives on Earth. Species that come in peace, aggressive, warlike species, species on the brink of extinction, all kinds of alien species from the level of international intrigue to individual crimes, to research, with a kaleidoscope of different goals. They coexist with us and maintain a precarious balance. And the only ones who don’t realize this…are us humans!” says the narrator at the beginning of each episode.

    It all starts with the suspected protagonist, high school freshie Yukitaka Tsutsui, moving in from the city to the province of Yamagata since he was drafted to play for a baseball team there. Upon arriving at his apartment, he finds a blonde guy drinking coffee whilst reading a book. And wearing his clothes at that.

    The blondie (who is actually Prince Baka of planet Dogura) abruptly tells him he’s an alien who lost his memories, and that his spaceship crash landed nearby. Pissed at how Baka can’t provide any proof that he’s an alien and why he completely looks human, Yukitaka tried to kick him out of his room numerous times, but wasn’t able to. A lot of comical stuff transpired between these scenes but I guess it’d be funnier if you just watched it. In the end, Yukitaka decides to let him stay for one day via Baka’s blackmailing.

    read more »

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    October 15th, 2011

    Upcoming Anime This Winter 2011

    by chad

    Heads up! More anime to come starting this January to February 2012!

    Just click the link to enlarge. Thanks to Neregate!

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    October 14th, 2011

    Kemonozume Review

    by chad

    Kemonozume has a different opener for each episode that portrays the main setting, but one that’s completely unrelated to the story. Please watch this short clip that completely drove me and my friends into watching this awesome anime:

    Literally meaning ‘Beast Claw, Kemonozume is probably one of the rarest shows I’ve come across that’s pretty heavy on gore, sex and bodily mutilation mixed altogether with the usual conflicting recipes of love, lust and hate. The animation aesthetics that compensates just indicate how messed up the story is. So if you’re not too weak on the stomach and actually have plans on watching it even after that trailer, then you’re in for a treat!

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    Plot: Since ancient times, two lovers disobeyed the will of the Gods and were punished by being turned into evil spirits that could only survive on human flesh. Their descendants intermingled with humans while assuming human form, and now quietly lives amongst them. A secret group called the Kifuken (Ogre-Sealing Sword) was established to stop these Flesh Eaters and their terror to mankind. The two groups continued to fight for generations.

    The latest heir to the Kifuken and one of the most skilled swordsmen at the time, Toshihiko Momota, closed off his life to live and die by the sword – until he met Yuka Kamitsuki, who is actually a shokujinki (Flesh Eater). I guess you know where this is going. A typical Romeo and Juliet scenario taken to the extreme? Yes, and not quite.

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    October 11th, 2011

    Blade Anime Features the Philippines

    by chad

    While on Facebook, I stumbled upon an anime screenshot that depicted our country’s capital, Manila. It was pretty weird having it in anime form, but awesome nonetheless since this was the first time I’ve seen one. Although I’ve heard ones from Golgo13 and Black Lagoon, I can’t say for sure.

    Facebook photo above c/o Mary Lloyds Isidro

    Everything happens at the 4th and 5th episode of Blade. The show didn’t really click to me when I first heard about Marvel making anime versions of such. But still I decided to get those two episodes out of curiosity and watch anyway. Click here to download Blade.

    The story begins with Blade visiting Manila to reminisce about his past, and also save a good old friend of his from the clutches of the group of the main antagonist, Frost Deacon. After the rescue, he gets a hint that Frost is residing in an island in the region and goes there in the next episode.

    The island Blade is going to turns out to be Isla del Fuego (Fire Island), or more commonly known as Siquijor – an island south-east of Cebu feared by most to be haunted by black magic, witches and all kinds of dark sorcery. It’s called Isla Del Fuego because it actually gave off an eerie glow that came from the swarms of fireflies that harbored in the countless Molave trees in the island.

    read more »

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    October 10th, 2011

    FFVI – The Decisive Battle Guitar Cover

    by chad

    Another favorite boss battle theme of mine from the Final Fantasy series. I hope you like it!

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    October 9th, 2011

    Shakugan No Shana Starts Final Season

    by chad

    It’s been 3 years already since season 2? My, time sure does goes by so fast. Anyway, I’m really glad Shakugan No Shana finally returns with it’s last season! Sorry for the featured image below, I couldn’t find anything better than a magazine scan. It seems they haven’t released that much media yet regarding the third season.

    So, “who the hell is that long-haired Dynasty Warrior dude in the middle” you ask? It’s our main protagonist seemingly-turned anti-hero, Sakai Yuji! Apparently, he disappears from season 2 like a burnt-out Torch and has been revived as the leader of the enemy forces, Bal Masque. I know, it’s weird. But who knows? I’ma give it a shot since it just started.

    Episode 1 was a bit disappointing though. They kind of went overboard with the melodrama and seriousness which I bet have pushed away potential future fans. The episode was structured in a way that even those who watched both seasons and remembered the events well felt confused and screwed. Awkward plot twist, anyone? Lol. Oh well, you decide for yourself. The download link is below!

    Download Episode 1 of Shakugan No Shana III c/o Commie

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    October 7th, 2011

    Persona 4: The Animation Is Here!

    by chad

    To be honest, I only knew about the game months ago after searching for some goodies online to be played on my PCSX2 Emulator. But yeah, it was a pretty awesome game. Sad thing is, I’ve drowned myself in other stuff too much that I haven’t finished it yet. Oh well, everyone’s been talking about the upcoming anime for awhile now, and here we are! It’s actually looking pretty good. I’ll definitely have the game up on my priority list again!

    Download the pilot episode of Persona 4: The Animation

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    October 4th, 2011

    Ibanez ART120 Review and Test Drive

    by chad

    I present to you my new weapon of choice, the Ibanez ART120-TRF! It’s light and sexy yet delivers pretty powerful and heavy tunes! Pretty much fits my taste of having a Les Paul style guitar body that possess a sound similar to the signature tune of an Ibanez guitar. Finally, a brand new reason to practice guitar again! :3

    Watch my video review below!

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    October 3rd, 2011

    Fate/Zero Begins!

    by chad

    The prequel to Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, has now started airing for your Typemoon-hungry eyes to feast on! Animated by Ufotable (Kara No Kyoukai), need I say more about this bombshell of an anime? Now, stop reading and get watching!

    *This one is in 10bit format, which means you have to have your players and codecs up to date or it won’t view nothing.

    *Don’t watch if you haven’t gone through Fate/Stay Night yet. Otherwise, this will spoil the whole plot for you :3

    Download Fate/Zero from UTW Fansubs

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