Top 15 Anime Openings – Part 2

After days of inactivity in this blog, it’s feels awesome to be back! And here I got you guys a little something to make up for the post-less days passed: my top 15 anime opening sequences just for you to watch! If you viewed my Anime List page and liked what you saw, then I guess you’ll have no qualms with me saying that you’ll also love what’s in store for you here.

These are my personal top 15 and no, they are not in order. I really love them all but I just couldn’t decide how to rank them since they all have varying pros and cons. An opening or closing sequence, even an insert song, may be rated on its musicality, fancy visual effects, creativity, relation to the plot and characters, moe elements, weirdness factor, the fact that it doesn’t appear too scripted, and god knows what else.

This is Part 2. Click here to view Part 1!

Heck, there are even those that you’d just ignore at first. But after coming to know the show and its surprisingly interesting plot, it suddenly takes your no. 1 spot. That is, until a new awesome series shows up – thus repeating the cycle. And I guess that brings birth to us feeling irritated when people just dismiss our anime by judging them halfheartedly – “They don’t know what they’re missing since they haven’t watched everything yet!” is probably what we wanted to say. LOL

Of the thousands of anime series out there, I guess it’s really impossible to account a perpetual top 15 of such. So yeah, these are mine as of the time being, and I hope you enjoy them! Also, share your favorite OP sequences by commenting below! :)

Fate/Zero – Oath Sign

Type-moon does it again! The superb animation is unmistakeably by Ufotable, and this OP just surpasses Fate/Stay Night’s in all aspects. And believe me, those OP versions were awesome already, especially the remastered version.

In a world that repeats itself, how many times do I need to reach out
to have my fleeting tears melt your black heart?

Persona 4: The Animation – Sky’s the Limit

Similar to the opening of Persona 4’s PS2 game, but different. It adapted the game’s pop-ish yellow design as well as the motion graphics’ scheme and only focused on its 8 main characters and their persona. The music is embedded with the creators’ upbeat hip-hop style smoothly mixed along with various instruments like piano, guitar and orchestra. As usual, the lyrics are direct and somewhat cheesy, but it’s still awesome in its own way.

I’m believing you and I can do anything / We can change the world
Hey sky’s the limit we can spread wings / To roadless travel together we go…

Gintama’ – Dilemma

After joking around with Gintama’s last OP, they finally get serious again with the 10th. This time with Gintoki and all the other significant characters roaming around the city’s night lights. And of course, there will always be a scene about his past and his comrades, as well as a fight scene with the upcoming bad guy. The drawing is a little vague so we can’t tell who it is yet. Definitely one of Gintama’s best OP.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni – Naraku No Hana

Like I said in part 1 – the OP of Higurashi’s first season will convey to you the mystery and horror side of the plot, while the 2nd season’s OP will dwell more on what’s really going on between the characters and the cruel fate they are bound to. I always watch the intro at every episode as it really stir things up and significantly increases the impact of the anime prior to watching it. I especially love the distorted buzz at the end of each phrase in the beginning as it brings a really psychotic touch to the supposed to be serene song.

Come, let us forget about the future ending up stained in blood again / If the soft wind coils up, that is probably a sign
Break free from your heart-wrenching fate / You are not a flower in hell / Don’t blossom in such a place

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – Kata Tsubasa no Tori

I’m a sucker for multilingual choir-like songs, murder, suspense, horror and mind-boggling mystery murder stuff and Umineko brings me just about all of them. Not for the faint-hearted, but pretty great anime!

You may be merciless but how harsh will my punishment be?

Shingetsutan Tsukihime – The Selected Moon

Another one by Type-moon!? Lol. Well, I can’t help it. Big Type-moon fan here XD Still, I’ll justify. It’s not too often we see a lyric-less anime OP going along with a Gregorian-ish background music and I have to give Tsukihime credit for that. It completely strayed away from the cliched cool, moe or emo OPs with J-pop or J-rock songs rocking the sequence. Also very spot-on for the theme and feel of the series: downright depressing and morbid.

Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. – Rise

This OP is just too awesome, and it never gets old. It makes me wanna watch GIST S.AC. 2nd Gig all over again and have me some more Section 9 action!

Save your fears  / take your place  / save them for the judgement day
fast and free / follow me  / time to make the sacrifice  / we rise or fall

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