Dulcelin Gourmet, UP Town Center

For Mother’s Day this 2015, the fam-bam decided to try out something new in contrast to our usual simple celebration at Yang Chow! And hearing about the new restaurants at UP Town Center, we decided to check them out. Along the busy restaurants of the mall, Dulcelin Gourmet was what caught our eye!

Directions: 2nd floor of UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City. The basic landmarks that almost everyone would know of would be the Ateneo and Miriam schools. Click here for a Google Maps reference.

We completely went in blind not knowing anything about the place, but it looked promising- seeing the dishes eaten by the dining patrons grumbled our tummies so. And they did even more when we saw the menu! Complete with appetizers, soups, and salads; main dishes categorized by beef, pork, chicken and fish; pasta, sandwiches, sides, desserts and drinks comprising of different varieties of soda, coffee, tea, calamansi, lemon, milkshakes, chocolate and beer! And it turns out they are pretty well-known for their Mango Torte.

Be the mango torte as it may, we definitely can’t deny that all their other dishes we ordered live up to par with regards to taste and finesse. Although prices and serving amount may as well be a bit of ‘fine dining’- a bit on the expensive and not the excessive kind. But I digress- the taste definitely makes  up for it all!

Squash Soup – P120

Beer Battered Onion Rings – P100

Both appetizers we had are must-tries! The squash soup is pretty legit and the onion rings, well, not the kind that I expected but in a good way. Not sure what made the dish what it is but it’s really crunchy. And dipping it on the sauce gave it a taste similar to donuts? Again, I’m not sure why but what I am sure of is that I enjoyed it!

Spicy Sausage Pasta – P230

This pasta? Yes please. It may look lacking with regards to serving amount- big plate while the food only occupies a small portion of the middle part, but don’t be fooled! The pasta is heavy with its thick flat noodles, rich tomato sauce and garlic bread- not to mention the six pieces of sausage balls!

Baked Salmon – P395

US Angus Hanger Steak – P395


Hickory-smoked Pork Belly – P225

For their main dishes– Baked Salmon, US Angus Hanger Steak, Porchetta and Hickory-smoked Pork Belly, I can say each of them deserves to be tried at least once by everyone! That’s my opinion, but I guess it would also depends on people’s taste preferences. To summarize, the salmon was puffy soft and very flavorful! Mom gave it a thumbs up as well. The medium-well Angus steak was a bit chewy, but really juicy! Wasn’t too keen on the lemon sauce that much though. My sis loved the Porchetta very much, although it was only a tad bit okay for me since I’m not a fan of twangy pineapple-ish taste on my main dish that much. The pork belly? Nicely done! Sliced not too thick nor too thin, and the sauce wasn’t too strong either- just the right amount of BBQ in it.

Chocolate Decadent Cake – P120

Mango Torte – P130

Don’t forget their desserts! Try the mango torte even if you’re not a mango/cake person– it’s their flagship dessert dish that was famous among their patrons in their Mercatto/Banchetto days before Dulcelin Gourmet became an actual restaurant. And it’s really delicious! This was the highlight of our whole visit, actually. The chocolate decadent was okay, but I digress- go for the mango torte by all means!

For their menu, click the number of the corresponding page to view it:

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Level 2 UP Town Center, Katipunan Street, Quezon City
Telephone No. 374 21 65 / 955 23 06
Other Branches: Times St. QC, Tiendesitas Pasig, BF Homes Paranaque
Facebook page

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