Elephant Extreme Wireless Mouse Review

When you have a habit of passing by game stores whenever you get a chance to, even for no particular reason at all, you’re bound to familiarize yourself to their products from the top to the bottom of the shelf- and also easily notice if they have new items for sale as well. This is pretty much what happened when I passed by DataBlitz (SM Marikina Branch) before and bought their Elephant Extreme Wireless Mouse. Here’s the review!

Elephant Extreme – P495 (Also comes in white)

Knowing about the Japanese brand Elephant being top-notch in terms of price, quality and performance among its peers, I just had to try this one out the moment I saw it despite already having bought a mouse from the same brand not too long ago (See here my review of their Milki Mouse.) And in fact, I love this better than the Milki! It has a sleeker design especially built for the click-crazy gamer.

Priced at a very affordable P495, I can confidently say this is the best wireless mouse I had priced under P1,500. It’s large (fits my hand like a glove), sturdy, heavy, functional, not battery-draining, and I really love the matte feel when you hold it- not to mention the neat packaging! The buy is a steal for me if compared to others.

Product Highlights:
-2.4Ghz with Blue Sensor
-4 DPI Optical – 600, 1000, 1600, 2400dpi
-Up to 10m distance
-USB 2.0
-Long Battery Life (1 AAA)
-Operates Silently
-XL Size Mouse
-Dimensions: 75 x 40 x 125mm
-6 Button assignment

I’ve had this for a month now, and I’m loving it! Nothing out of the ordinary encountered for this certain mouse- it just works as it should. Being one who uses his computer on a daily basis for both work and play, I’ve only changed batteries twice in said span of a month. No need to worry about changing batteries being a hassle.

Clicking, moving and scrolling are all accurate and responsive– I can say that since I was able to play smoothly and comfortably using this mouse while raiding with FFXIV- if you don’t know that MMORPG, let’s just say it’s not a game you’d want to screw up on lest you’d be burdening other people.

Anyway, this mouse is pretty legit. Totally recommended!

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  1. Ken - GPP says:

    Kinda looks like a Razer Ouroburos, is it any good?

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