14 Things You’ll Almost Always See in Anime – Part 1

Upon watching series after series, I’ve noticed recurring patterns in anime that would almost make them rather stereotypical. They’re fun, and it certainly makes watching a new batch of series with a sense of familiarity. On the downside of course, one would know what to expect next. It’s just a matter of how they’d play out the scenes. I bet you’ve noticed these X-factors of Japanese cartoons already. Here’s my list!

1. Japanese Etiquette

This is a given. Since anime is from Japan, proper etiquette and social behaviors are prominent within the characters. Such as bowing, saying “itadakimasu” (I humbly receive) before meals, “okawari” (More, please) and Gochisosama-deshita (Thank you for the food) after. A dramatic scene would include the heroine say “Okaeri” (Welcome home) to the hero after a life-deciding battle, and the hero would respond a heart-warming “Tadaima” (I’m home).

2. Hot Spring visits

The ideal place for characters to relax (and fan service) is the hot spring, mostly when in vacation or on winter. They would have a fun time together doing leisure activities like walking around, talking casually, indoor sports, etc. Then there’s the bathing scene where men and women are separated by one single wall. The men would almost always try to peak over the women’s bath and when spotted, the women would generally say, “Iyaa!” and the guys would get a beating.

3. ‘Haup’ Sound when eating food

Not many people would notice, but this certainly has caught my attention every time. When characters take a bite of food, they usually make this ‘haup’ sound before chewing, indicating that they have really taken that ‘bite’.

4. Bully Delinquents

While our heroes are strolling around town, they’re bound to be disturbed by thugs, be it student delinquents with their hands in their pockets or street punks with slurred speech. They would bully and scare the characters. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes a parody of this with the bullies doing exaggerated grunting so even the characters don’t understand a thing they say.

5. School-setting Ambiance

This is the most common. A large open gate is at the entrance of the school where students wearing polo (guys) and sailor-like uniforms (girls) pass through. Their bags would all be identical (randoseru for elementary, soft black briefcases for high school and college). There’s a clock at the middle highest building that would strike “ding dong dang dong – dong dang ding dong” between periods. There are fences on the building rooftops. There are sports facilities too and it seems that girls have blossoms for PE uniforms. There’s almost always melon bread in the cafeteria menu.

6. Beach & Pool visits

The next best place to loosen up after a serious episode! This is also the perfect opportunity for fan service where heroines become eye candies by putting on their best bikini outfit. Our characters would usually go for a swim, island hopping, play water games, have a fierce volleyball match, or just bathe in the sun. Anything that would dare to expose more skin!

7. Festival and Fireworks Display

Festivals are traditional Japanese occasions, and therefore treated as such. Our heroes usually go to the festivals with the people closest to them: friends, family and/or that special someone. The girls would prep up and wear a kimono to impress the guys. Either the characters would be working at the festival booths, or are being entertained by them. The usual anime festival ends with fireworks, having our characters in a sentimental montage, reflecting on life’s blessings.

So that wraps up part 1. I’ll post part 2 in awhile so wait for it!

Here’s part 2.

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