Hawkers St – “Awesome Asian Streetfood in Cainta!”


Deep within the depths of the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall food court, lies a one of a kind food stall called Hawkers St. Asian Streetfood that offers almost-authentic Malaysian / Singapore-inspired street cuisines. Whenever I’m in the area, this establishment is one of the places I consider to go to first if I want affordable yet belly-filling and delicious snacks.

Their only branch is positioned at the farthest corner of the mall’s food court, located at the basement of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal. You won’t miss it! They’re the only stall where customers can actually see their food being prepared and cooked just like the picture below. It’s quite a show.

Other than that, they don’t serve their meals in your usual fast food plastic plates, but in aluminum mini-frying pans! Upon entering the food court, you’ll easily see the patrons of the establishment just by looking at those custom plates.

Their menu consists about 20+ varieties, as shown in the first screenshot. The choices would play around stir-fried noodles or rice, coupled with beef, meat or chicken and eggs. There are assorted flavors to choose from, all inspired by different Asian sauces. They’re not in English or Filipino, but of course there’s a description below. My personal favorite is the spicy Pad Thai Noodles with 2 sticks of chicken meat and special sauce, a sunny side-up egg and a tall glass of iced tea. Not bad for less than 100 bucks!

Other meals to choose from include Bagoong Rice, Bicol Express, Sinigang, Sinangag Rice, Ginataan and many more! Anwyay, you should try out this awesome one of a kind place. I heard that here’s another one in Makati called 101 Hawker Food House but I’ve still yet to try that one. I’ll just post about it once I get the chance to. ‘Til next time!

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  1. Ju says:

    this made me hungry. haha

    • Chad says:

      same here. i actually craved for their pad thai while writing this entry. pero madaling araw na ;/ oh well XD

  2. Patti says:

    Oh wow! I must check this out.

    Fish and Co. Singapore also serve their meals in mini frying pans!

    (Kuya Chad, although I do follow your blog, I think this is my first time to make a comment.^^ And your post is about food so yeah! Heehee)

    • Chad says:

      yeah! do check it out, i think you’ll like the food there :D though di ba malayo sa place niyo? lol. haven’t tried fish & co yet but i guess their slogan says it all – seafood in a pan! haha.

      i should make more food-related entries then ^^ oh yeah, fixed your link na in my blogrooll m/

  3. Ming says:

    Must try this!


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