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  • Yolanda Moon & Paranoid City @ Saguijo

    by chad

    After the last day of our Segway video shoot, we went to Japo’s gig at Saguijo Bar in Makati. Paranoid City was his band that night, and not playing as Valet Parking nor sessioning for PediCab. To my surprise, I was able meet and watch Cholo play again after God knows how long – he’s one of the first bandmates I had in our late graders. His new group is called Yolanda Moon, and plays a bit on the post-rock side of the genre spectrum. His other band, Ernville, whom I got to watch the last time, was keeping it low for the moment.

    Having brought my camera with me, of course I took pictures. I challenged myself to a 50mm survival mode without flash and lights so longer shutter speeds follow. Blur tolerance is advised.

    To view the full album, check it on FB here.

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