Alexei’s Diner & Cafe – “The Juiciest Burgers in Town!”

I don’t really intend to raise your expectations to a ridiculous degree, but get ready for the next best thing to happen in Marikina City resto-history! This recently-opened resto-cafe, Alexei’s Diner & Cafe, is definitely one of the best places to go to whether you’re hungry or just want to hang out with friends over coffee and dessert.

It’s located at #7 Gil Fernando Ave. in Marikina City, between Marquinton and Marikina Engr. Building. You know that street with Tapsi Ni Vivian near Sta. Lucia Mall and Robinson’s Metro East? Just keep moving forward from there and when you cross  the Sumulong Hi-way intersection, you’ll eventually find it on the ride side bundled along with Extreme Auto Center.

The entrance with tall walls and the auto center logo might put you off, but the place is pretty nice once you go in – not to mention the ample parking lots available. Somewhat American-styled, those who want to dine in the perfect weather outside or just smoke can just sit down on  on the spacious comfy area provided just outside the cafe’s entrance. What’s really neat is that they also have Wi-fi!

Some of the seats outside really remind me of those in MacLaren’s from How I Met Your Mother :)

Upon entering the cafe, the waiters and waitresses would greet you accordingly, offer you a seat and let you choose a meal from their menu full of awesome and mouth-watering feasts mostly influenced by American and Italian cuisines.

There’s also a nice 2nd floor illuminated by natural daytime light via the windows.

Their 30+ meals are categorized as: Burgers & Sammies, Munchies & Crunchies, Oodles’ of Noodles, Rice Dishes, Yogurt Shakes, Milkshakes & Fruitshakes and Hot Drinks. Well, they’re pretty much self-explanatory, so yeah. The prices would range from a 30 PHP banana cake loaf to an ultra-juicy 270 PHP salisbury steak.

Fish & Chips – 160 PHP

Alexei’s Burger – 150 PHP

Alige Pasta – 180 PHP

Eastern-style Chicken – 135 PHP

There are a variety of desserts to choose from, and they’re all delicious!

Choco Milkshake – 115 PHP, Banana Cake Loaf – 30 PHP

No need to worry about parking!

For the past week since we first visited Alexei’s, I’ve been back a couple of times already – bringing both friends and family. Well, it was my big brother who found it on a flyer ad then suggested it, after all. They open from 9AM and closes any time, as long as there are still customers beyond 10PM. Very accomodating, huh? Anyway, to those living nearby – Marikina, Antipolo, Cainta and Quezon City! Visit Alexei’s Diner & Cafe now and have the belly-bursting time of your life! :)

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  1. Ju says:

    have you tried their cheesecake? I’ve been going back to alexei’s for around 3 times na. I love their honey garlic chicken, bulalo steak, and white lychee shake!

    • Chad says:

      Hi, Ju! No, I haven’t tried them yet but I’m having my eye on that cheesecake and bulalo steak. Are they really good? Just saying the name makes me really hungry already :p Currently, my favorites are their sun-dried tomato pasta (very tasty and affordable!), eastern style chicken and their creamy A&W root beer :D You also frequent the place it seems – maybe we’ve already bumped in to each other there without knowing! :))

  2. Roni says:

    Hey Chad, you take really, really good photos!

    And thanks to your post, I am including this in my places to check out in Marikina. Care to join me? Nga lang pag wala pang sweldo I might not be able to treat you… hahaha! I’m jologs at its best. :-p
    Anyway, keep the posts coming! :-) Great blog you got here!


    • chad says:

      Hey, Roni!

      It’s great to hear that coming from a fellow foodie blogger like yourself ;p

      Just drop me a message if you’re going there! No need to treat, there’s KKB mode naman haha. Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to more foodie blogs from you!

      See you around :D

      Chad ^_^

  3. Kim Z. says:

    Masarap din ang chowder nila. Parang kailangan mo magpahid ng luha sa sarap. At ang salad nila, halos isang dangkal!


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