PCSX2 – PlayStation 2 Emulator for the PC

I’m already a retired veteran of the PlayStaion 2, but something kept telling me my PS2 experience won’t be complete without taking those Japanese only-released games for a spin. Pity that I already sold my console, but with PCSX2, I have been able to do just that!

Of course, a good machine is needed to play. Though I was able to play 2D games in my old Pentium 4 laptop with stock specs, the thing crashed after punching in FFX. It went smoothly though when I tried it in my i5 1GB-video desktop. Playing the old games again was totally reminiscent, and I just realized PS2 graphics weren’t as bad as I thought they were.

Final Fantasy X

Similar to ePSXe, PCSX2 is based on a plug-in architecture, separating several functions from the core emulator. These are the graphics, audio, input controls, CD/DVD drive, and USB and FireWire (i.LINK) ports. Different plug-ins may produce different results in both compatibility and performance. Additionally, PCSX2 requires a copy of the PS2 BIOS, which is not available for download from the developers, due to the copyright concerns and legal issues associated with it. A free clone of the official BIOS is in development -Wikipedia

Unlike the other emulators, you don’t have to roam around the net looking for the best plug-ins anymore. This one only has a few that are constantly fixed and updated by the developers themselves: mainly GSdx (DirectX) and ZZogl (OpenGL). After installing the free 4MB PCSX2, you’ll be up and playing right after a few preference tweaks.

Rurouni Kenshin Enjou Kyoto Rinne

Melty Blood Actress Again

The Rurouni Kenshin and Melty Blood PS2 games were a real treat, though on the downside is that I can’t read Japanese. Anyway, I can’t wait to try the other games!

To download PCSX2 or read tutorials on how to operate it, just go to http://pcsx2.net/

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  1. akosiya says:

    glad you’re enjoying the emulator, nearly finished with ffx pero tinamad nako hahaha

  2. xsyst says:

    thanks for recommending pcsx2! i just really wanted to try melty blood actress again and that rurouni kenshin game. but seems like gusto ko na rin magkadigital copy ng iba’t ibang games like kingdom hearts, metal gear, mvc2 and many more. damn, mauubusan nako ng HD space. :))

    you should finish ffx. for me, ffx still holds 1st place for my favorite rpg game :D

  3. akosiya says:

    ready to fight sin nalang and some sidequests hahah, i dont have the ps2 controller and i cant use lulu’s overdrive. I cant find any downloads for mgs2,3, god of war 1,2, kh and the dmc titles ahahaha

  4. D3vil82 says:

    I’m hoping to test Burnout 2 – Point Of Impact next. BOOYA!

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