FFXIV: Asteria’s Guide to 2.5

Time is ticking and 2.5 is only a few hours away. Lots of new content to do, no doubt! Like last time, I went on ahead and listed down all the new quests and segregated them by city so we can save time and be efficient in unlocking them. After all, we all want to farm the most content in the shortest amount of time available, right? Anyway, I hope this guide proves useful to my fellow Eorzeans! -Asteria Edelfelt , Tonberry

For the full 2.5 patch notes, click here.

For those who haven’t watched the trailer yet:



Main Scenario Continuation
Good Intentions – Minfillia (6,5 The Rising Stones)
*Must have completed latest MSQ of 2.45

World of Darkness
The World of Darkness – Rammbroes (30,12 Mor Dhona)
*Must have completed Syrcus Tower

Kirin Mount
A Legend for a Legend – Wandering Minstrel (21,8 Mor Dhona)
*Must have all 6 primal mounts. (At least drop rates have been increased!)

The Wanderer’s Palace (Hard)
Not Easy Being Green – Bloezoeng (22,8 Mor Dhona)
*Must have completed “The Ultimate Weapon” and the original dungeon

Amdapor’s Keep (Hard)
For Keep’s Sake – Lauriane (22,8 Mor Dhona)
*Must have completed “The Ultimate Weapon” and the original dungeon

The Keeper of the Lake
The Rising Chorus – Tataru (6,5 The Rising Stones)
*This is part of the new MSQ so you can’t unlock it right away.

- UL’DAH -

Hildibrand Continuation
Shades of Sil’dih – Ellie (9,11 Ul’dah Steps of Thal)
*Must have completed “The Coliseum Conundrum”

Battle in the Big Keep (Gilgamesh)
Her Last Vow – Julyan (12,11 Ul’dah Steps of Thal)
*This is part of the Hildibrand quest so you can’t unlock it right away.

??? – Edelstein (20,22 Northern Thanalan)
*This is part of the new MSQ so you can’t unlock it right away.

Borderland Ruins (Slaughter) PVP
Hall of Flames – 8,9
Airship Landing – 10,11


Delivery Moogle
Thanks for Your Support – Deputy Postmoogle (19,11 Lower Decks, Limsa Lominsa)

Borderland Ruins (Slaughter) PVP
Maelstrom Command – 12,12


Odin Primal
Fear and Odin in the Shroud – Scarlet (9,11 New Gridania)
*Must have completed “All You Wanted to Know About Odin”

Borderland Ruins (Slaughter) PVP
The Adder’s Nest – 9,11
Airship Landing – 11,13


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