Fate/Stay Night’s Saber is a Dad. Wait, What!?!

Not much has been revealed regarding Saber’s past (as everyone pretty much knows King Arthur’s legend already) but after that bold step of gender change by Type-Moon to fit the market of FSN’s visual novel, one’s gonna think how that would affect the overall story of the legend. And well, what do you know, I have surprising news!

Whilst trap in a black hole reading deep within the uncharted territories of Type-Moon’s Wikia, I encountered some shocking information regarding our dear servant Saber, Arturia Pendragon – that she actually has a son, Mordred, and that she was the one who fathered him! Weird, huh? And wait, how did that happen again?

Fate/Zero ED: Saber, killing her son, Mordred, in the Battle of Camlann

In the legend, it’s supposed to be that way (since King Arthur is male d’oh), but I was thinking there were gonna be some other gender changes as well with FSN’s cast so everything would fall into place. Apparently, Type-Moon stuck with the original story and temporarily made her a dude instead.

Long story short, Arturia’s sister Morgan le Fay turned her to a pseudo-male via Merlin’s magic and extracted seeds from him/her. With that she would raise a child (Mordred) that would eventually lay destruction to the empire King Arthur has built. Later on, Mordred grew up to be an anonymous fine knight for the king, only to be constantly rejected by his father after revealing the truth – which resulted to a serious daddy complex for him. His hatred grew, and eventually was able to convince the Kingdom to turn their back on the King, and serve him instead.

Their last battle is shown on the 21st episode of Fate/Stay Night, where Saber pierces this unknown soldier, and then later on show’s a face similar to Saber’s, and then calls her ‘father.’ Really, it was a very confusing scene when I first saw it, but didn’t do research afterwards. I thought that the subbing group just made an error or something. LOL.

Why did Mordred look like Saber, you ask? It is said that like Irisviel Von Einsbern, he is a homunculus. As Type-Moon explains it, a homunculus is a creature given birth through Alchemy by the combining of human genetic material with several special substances and making the resulting embryo develop without the use of a womb.

Anyway, that’s the Nasuverse for ya.

Here’s a video of the scene from where that picture is taken:

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    The two of them could make an Awesome paring. But that’s just an opinion, I was shocked myself when they said Modred was Arturia’s son and she was the father. I wanted to find the episodes thanks for the Hint. Bye!


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