SM Masinag at a Glance

The 41st SM Supermall, dubbed SM Masinag, has finally opened its doors to the public last Thursday! Meaning, an emergence of catastrophic change of conveniences and inconveniences around citizens living within a 20-mile radius from Masinag. For people passing by Marcos Hi-way everyday to go to work, expect an increase in traffic. And those living near the Sumulong Hi-way and Marcos Hi-way intersection, expect an ultra-near place to hang out to! What’s best about it in my case, is that it’s just a 5-minute jeep ride from my house. Huzzah!

Disclaimer – This one’s not mine

The pictures posted here were taken yesterday – but my sister, her boyfriend and I actually went on the opening day to see what the ruckus is all about. And as to be expected, there was a swarm of excited shoppers and bystanders alike ravaging across every floor. The first thing we noticed upon entering was the center stage used for events where Juris was performing.

We also noticed various “mall opening” promos (some are ongoing until June) offered by the establishments. One you should keep your eye and stomach on is Rai Rai Ken’s 50% off on all of their ramens! So with just less than a hundred bucks, you get to enjoy their Japanese-style noodles served in big bowls.

I’m surprised to see that the SM I suspected to be so small, actually came in complete with all the usual SM paraphernalia! That is, besides the SM Supermarket, there’s also the SM Department Store, SM Cinemas (4), SM Food Court and my personal favorite – the SM Cyberzone!

The SM Supermarket is just big enough as any other. My brother and I usually scavenge such places (usually SM Marikina) for its Korean and Japanese noodles and snacks (Shin Cup and Pocky!). They definitely have more options if compared to Sta.Lucia and Robinsons Place Metro East. Though I wouldn’t be so sure with Cherry Foodarama.

We watched Thor on my brother’s birthday and since I don’t usually watch movies in malls, I guess the theaters are alright.

The SM Food Court is filled with the same foodstuff you see in all other SM Supermalls. A various selection of the commoner’s delicacies ranging from sizzling plates, rice meals, fried chicken, pasta, teiyaki beef, steamed seafood and many more!

As long as SM Cyberzone has CD-R King, PC Express and Ink-All-You-Can, I’d be more than content. For my PC hardware and maintenance needs, I usually go to PCX Katipunan – which is a real hassle if I won’t go there through car. And for CD-R King and my ink supply, there’s Robinsons Place Metro East and Q-Plaza though I’d still have to go the extra jeep ride. So yeah.

Another awesome shop I’m excited about is Lyric. A nearby music store, at long last! Since I don’t go to UST anymore, buying guitar strings and other musical whatnot at Salonga / Audiophile Cubao is a nasty bit of time and moolah consumer – so it really is a relief to have one nearby.

All in all, SM Masinag is definitely a plus for me on many levels.

For a list of all the stores and soon-to-open ones in SM Masinag, click here.

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  1. Sai Daiko says:

    Oh my. This looks so awesome!! Aaaaa~ SM Masinag and SM Marikina * w* Such wonderful nearby SMs. What happened to SM Taytay, though. “orz

    This is awesome! Helpful blogpost is helpful ;D

    • Chad says:

      Isn’t it? :D So wait, you live around the area too? Small world it is! :P

      Though I haven’t been to SM Taytay yet – I just got used to going in Robinsons Metro East in the before-days.

      Anywho, thanks for the comment! :)

  2. nix says:

    waaaaaw! parang ansorop puntahan! parang mas maganda kasi kesa sa SM Marikina.. haha :))

    • Chad says:

      Definitely mas-accessible siya compared sa SM Marikina. Tapos may coffee and snack shops din kaya may mga pede tambayan :)) If ever you’re gonna pass by, sabihon mo lang ako since 5 minutes lang kailangan :)))

  3. Grysh says:

    Yehey for SM Masinag. That place would definitely be a lot more crowded and traffic-prone. :(

    I really doubt I’ll be able to go visit the new SM. It is so far. haha. O.o

    PS. I love SHIN!


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