The Zark’s Burgers Experience

Ever since Zark’s Burgers announced their Jawbreaker Promos some quarters ago, I’ve been craving to try them out. Good thing that this Saturday opened a lunch opportunity for that – we biked to Gateway, Cubao and just commuted our way to La Salle, Taft via the LRT1 and LRT2 trains. Then it’s all walk from there.

Their limited promo by the way, is a triple-pattied beef burger smothered with spam, bacon and melted cheese served with fries and drinks on the side for just 150PHP!

We avoided eating there on the promo days (July 7 and 15) since the lines are just ridiculously long. We tried going there the first day, but got discouraged after seeing the photos posted by nearby dorm tenants on Facebook – even before opening, there was already a long line waiting across Taft Avenue!

Besides, the difference of the promo to the regular price is just 100PHP. Waiting for long hours just to save that amount is really not practical for some people. Maybe unless you’ll eat there in a large group and just pass the time by enjoying each others’ company? I’d vouch for that. So yeah, plan ahead before paying a visit to this renowned foodie place!

I wasn’t really sure what to expect after the waiter took our orders, but pretty much all three of us vented a surprised smile after our plates were handed to us. Really big-ass tasty burgers here: I ordered the Jawbreaker (250 PHP), David got the Stone Cold Stunner (185 PHP), and Dennis the Ultimate Burger (150 PHP.)

I wanted to try out the other burger and hotdog options on their menu, but alas, just one meal from Zark’s rendered us gastronomically incapacitated. Me eating the Jawbreaker was somewhat of a surreal dream – my soul was dragged through a burger portal! Pretty much like how Narukami Yu was when eating the Aiya Rainy Day Special Mega Beef Bowl Challenge in Persona 4 lol. I just love how the melted cheese and bacon are thoroughly spammed in the construction of that fine piece.

To those thinking about getting umay or suya (tired or fed up) of the constant burger taste (which I doubt that many will), there’s always the condiments pepper, ketchup, mustard and salt to save your meal.

In was an awesome experience, but even if we want to go back here from time to time, it would take a lot of travel and effort since we’d be coming from way up here in Antipolo. Hopefully, there’d be a new branch that would be established soon that’s nearer to our place. Marikina’s Lilac St., perhaps? Lol.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. They have other promos as well if you wanna try them out:
1. Jawbreaker Challenge – finish this 3-patty burger within 5 minutes and it’s free!
2. Tombstone Challenge – finish this 4-patty burger within 10 minutes and it’s free!

Anyway, happy eating! :)

Zark’s Burgers
-2nd floor Archer’s Nook Bldg,Taft (in front of La Salle taft. top of Yellow Cab)
-President’s Ave, BF homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center)
Telephone: Taft – 09237372517 / 392-12-11, BF PAranaque – 09237372515
Facebook: Click here

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