Gintama Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya Trailer!

A new full-length trailer of Gintama’s would-be last chapter Gekijōban Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare, or Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter- Be Forever Yorozuya! is out! Spanning a minute and a half long, we get to see what to expect on this awesome movie. Watch the video below!

Looking at the trailer, it seems Gintoki found himself a time machine- for what purpose? We can’t really tell for now but it’s probably either he wanted to go back to the past to correct past regrets or he wanted to go to the future to see how it all ends. What do you think? After all, in the video he says “Subete ga owatta oretachi no sekai?” roughly translating to “This is how everything in our world ends?”

Then we see new yet famiar faces of old: Shinpachi Shimura has grown up from a useless bland glasses character to a very kakkoii (cool) rebel samurai.

Kagura seems to have matured too, and not only in terms of height and hair length lol. Even Sadaharu looks like he’s become a badass as well!

Seeing them in their mature and more serious personas brings a lot of promise to the film. See their uniform? If you take a closer look, it’s actually based from Gintoki’s wardrobe where Shinpachi gets Gin’s inner black leather part, and Kagura, a dress based on Gin’s white kimono with the blue wavey thingies in them.

So what happens to the other characters? Kyubei Yagyu cut off her hair and now looks like a guy more than ever.

The Shinsengumi Commander Kondo Isao seems to be locked up in jail, wearing an emotionless face that says he has given up on everything.

The Death God Courtesan Tsukuyo sports a new hairstyle, removing the two mini-kunais that hold up her hair to the back of her head. I guess she’s still easy to piss off. I see Sarutobi Ayame is still a blockhead and perverted as usual even after the years have gone by.

Otose just looked a bit older with more wrinkles and a hairstyle that dons two lines of white hair.

I didn’t recognize him at first, but this is Okita Sougo! A more serious and bloodthirsty face this time, with an all-new kimono and muffler combo that is reminiscent of Kenshin.

Hijikata Toshirou? I’m not sure if the Shinsengumi is still around, but he’s just wearing a long-sleeved polo with a vest now. He hair also got a bit wavy just like Gintoki’s.

This is the part I don’t really get- it’s implemented in the trailer that Katsura Kotaro is the villain in the future, but it’s just weird that he looks like the supposed-to-be antagonist of the series Takasugi Shinsuke! Did they fuse or something? Jokes over the net are roaming that he’s actually become TakaZura lol. He’s also suddenly wearing a bandage over his left eye just like him.

Another weird part: this girl speaks with the voice of Otae Shimura. What happened? She’s got white hair and she looks like she’s about to die. Noooo! @_@

Recapping the rumors and previous teasers released, the movie will be about Gintoki’s past as the White Yaksha and how the franchise will have ended. Covering a the story arc from the prequel to sequel of the story, it’s definitely going to be a long and interesting ride.

Will keep you guys updated if more news about the movie have come to light! :)

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