Ultimate Wingsanity at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

Setting out to find the spiciest wings in Manila, Josh and I, along with our foodie friends, decide to take on the Ultimate Wingsanity recipe of Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things as our first sortie. I guess this fiery grub immediately got to the top of my list of the spiciest and hottest things I’ve ever eaten. Love hot and spicy and hemorrhoid-inducing food? Better put this on your bucket list!

Ultimate Wingsanity 1/2 Pound – 144 PHP

The idea came up after Perfect Renders covered an event for Manulife. We were already there in Makati, so what the heck. There are currently five branches around Manila, but we went to Solaris One Building along Dela Rosa Street near Ayala Avenue. Landmarks include Centro Escolar University and The Medical Tower- there’s also an Army Navy beside it. For other branches, they have one in Pasig, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa and Alabang. You can know more about them in their Facebook page which I’ll post below.

Their so-called Champion Buffalo Wings are grouped into three categories: ‘Their Signature Buffalo Wing Sauce‘, ‘Flavors N’ Fire’ andWaiver Required.’ Under each category are various flavors you can choose from. But since we’re here for the big boys stuff, I’ll talk about the last one. Under the Waiver Required, in which you’ll be literally be given a waiver to sign, contains the flavors Gangnam Style, Total Wingsanity and Ultimate Wingsanity. They have a Scoville Heat Unit measurement of 650k, 750k, and 850k, respectively! That’s almost half of the world’s hottest chili- the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion with a whopping 2,009,231 SHU!

So yeah, we ordered the Ultimate Wingsanity wings, signed the waiver, and prepped ourselves for the heat to come. Well, just me and David. Josh is already pretty well-versed in the art of consuming chili. You’ll know what I mean after seeing the photos below- he’s on the farthest right side. Here’s the before picture:

And after:

See the difference? Dave and I sort of have a mix of struggle and pain on our faces whilst eating the wings. As with Josh, he just smiled like nothings happened haha.

My comments while eating them? Excruciatingly painful yet uber-delicious and fulfilling! I guess it goes to say we love challenges and things that can test how far we can go. Eating spicy food is definitely if one of them, among other things. Please do read the waiver as it will warn you on the things to come once you’ve started eating. Most things were spot-on for me: watery eyes and mouth, profuse sweating, wanting to scream and lips swelling. This is concentration and endurance training to the max!

But let’s not misunderstand here- the wings really are delicious and not just a spicy test of torture. You can order a tasty dip if you want to to make the meal experience more awesome. :) Moving on, here are tips to make the meal more enjoyable if you’re more of a non-chili person:

1.) Don’t use your hands and eat like a savage as I did- the bones will be in the way and the sauce will spread around your lips, buying time for the burning sensation to kick in.
2.) In line with no. 1, separate the chicken meat from the bones prior to eating for easier consumption.
3.) Drink or eat dairy products. Liquids such as waster and softdrinks will just help spread the chili oil around.
4.) If you’re planning to end it quickly, avoid pairing it with rice since it will only slow you down with more chewing, ergo more time for the heat and pain.
5.) After everything, it’s advisable to go to the restroom to wash your mouth with running water and lots of bubbly soap on the burnt areas.
6.) Enjoy the experience. :)

To those who ordered and finished any Waiver Required’ meal, you’ll be given an official certificate from BWnT stating that you indeed can take the heat! Though I guess the conditions differ depending on the branch? In the first one, the Makati branch, we were told that we need to consume the Ultimate Wingsanity in five minutes without drinks or ice cream. We didn’t take the challenge ’cause we wanted to test the waters first and enjoy the meal without time pressure. Weird that in the Nuvali branch, there are no conditions that existed- so long you finish them without sharing, you’ll get a certificate. Here’s mine:

Solaris One Building, Dela Rosa St., Makati City
Tel. No. 2121212

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