Boracay Sabbatical

Last week of August- me, big bro and his friends took a 4-day vacation at Boracay Beach. Finally, I was able to go there for the first time after all the luscious stories I’ve heard from friends. I wasn’t really keen on bringing good ol’ 550D to the beach (talk about extra equipment hassle), but big bro insisted so. Good thing I followed him because if I didn’t, I would have died of frustration by not being able to take pictures of such awesome sceneries.

With regards to expenses, I was able to financially survive with around 8k PHP all-in: 1.5k for the round-trip  flight, 500 per night at the Sandacastle Apartments (it’s originally 25k/night but our friend knows the owner), 2k for food and amenities per day, then the rest for other travel expenses. If you’re planning on going, 10k would suffice- I saw in Station 1 some places to stay for 1,500 a night for two, so that’s 750 per person.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! For the full album, click here.

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