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    September 29th, 2012

    Everyday Milk Tea at Teaza

    by chad

    Come after office hours, anyone between me and my buds would text the others already to ask if we’re going to hang out somewhere. But leading the busy lives we now have because of work, we can’t bum around the way we do in college anymore- and most us just want to go home and rest already. But if somehow there’s a nearby, convenient and affordable cafe we can go to, then that’s a different story.

    This is when Marikina’s Lilac St. underwent drastic commercial changes where legendary foodie places were erected including Crazy Katsu, Burrito Brothers, Forget Me Not, Tamagoya! (close enough) and a lot more! Among these awesome places my friends and I often go to is Teaza MilkTeaSoda.

    How often? Well, since it’s just really walking distance for most of us (1 jeep and 2 trikes for me though), I’d say every other week day. There’s this one time though when we were really bummed with how life was being too draggy and repetitive, that we hung out there everyday. What’s awesome about this place is that even though the place is a little cramped (about up to 18 sitting customers total), they’d set up another table for extra customers if need be. It’s really chilly inside, but we like the ambient outside more: quiet, breezy and we can smoke.

    The only problem is parking. But I guess that could be a good thing. It’d be awesome if people would hang out in different foodie places and cafes here by just strolling around Lilac St. It’ll give that hometown kind of feel to the place and even make the outsiders feel more welcome.

    Their prices are of your regular milk tea shops- 50 to 100 PHP, and they would already be extra-large. After ordering your fruit tea, milk tea, soda or what have you, you can compliment them with Teaza’s signature sinkers: pearls, popping bobba, egg pudding, strawberry heart jelly, lychee bear jelly and a lot more!

    Milk tea cafes are being a trend now, huh? That’s good, since in my college days we HAD to go to expensive places like Starbucks just to hang out and talk- I wasn’t really into coffee, but there wasn’t really any other choices that offer the same ambiance and convenience. Although I have to say commercial coffee cafes like those tend to be full of noisy chattering people. Little towny places like Teaza is much more preferred because it captures that feel on why you go to cafes in the first place- not mainly to drink tea or coffee, but to interact with other people.

    So if you ever pass by Marikina City’s Lilac St., be sure to drop by Teaza after that heavy meal! ;)

    August 26th, 2012

    Boracay Sabbatical

    by chad

    Last week of August- me, big bro and his friends took a 4-day vacation at Boracay Beach. Finally, I was able to go there for the first time after all the luscious stories I’ve heard from friends. I wasn’t really keen on bringing good ol’ 550D to the beach (talk about extra equipment hassle), but big bro insisted so. Good thing I followed him because if I didn’t, I would have died of frustration by not being able to take pictures of such awesome sceneries.

    With regards to expenses, I was able to financially survive with around 8k PHP all-in: 1.5k for the round-trip  flight, 500 per night at the Sandacastle Apartments (it’s originally 25k/night but our friend knows the owner), 2k for food and amenities per day, then the rest for other travel expenses. If you’re planning on going, 10k would suffice- I saw in Station 1 some places to stay for 1,500 a night for two, so that’s 750 per person.

    Anyway, enjoy the pictures! For the full album, click here.

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