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  • Archive for October 8th, 2012

    October 8th, 2012

    Kokoro Connect ED3 – Salvage Guitar Cover

    by chad

    A guitar cover of Kokoro Connect‘s 3rd ending sequence entitled “Salvage” by Team Nekokan feat. Rekka Katakiri.

    3AM- I was watching episode 11 of Kokoro Connect when suddenly I was taken away by this awesome ED song. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I don’t do a cover of this right here and now >.

    Without further ado, here it is! :)

    Looking up similar videos online, I found coverguy88′s version so I was inspired to do a remake of his color keyed cover – him playing the guitar while the keyed-out anime sequence is superimposed on the video. Pretty neat!

    Tags: , black box, , , ed, ending, ending sequence, ending song, , , guitar, ibanez, kokoro connect, , rekka katakiri, salvage, Team Nekokan, , ココロコネクト