We Got Cignal HD and It’s Pretty Neat

I was already contented with our current SkyCable subscription since I seldom watch television, but my brother thinks otherwise. I guess you can’t blame him – being an NBA enthusiast, of course you’d want to view the best of the best. And what’s the best? That full high-definition television experience, of course.

So we subscribed to Cignal’s HD packages. Having done so, our folks were finally able to utilize the LCD TV we gave them for Christmas. So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. Well, kind of, as this would also be added monthly expenses for me >.

We went with the 1290 package, having 57 regular channels and 11 HD channels. The guys from Cignal paid a visit about two days after to install the TV boxes (one for me, my brother, and then my parents), and got it working right away within the week. Besides the monthly expenses, there’s also the 700PHP processing fee and fee for the additional TV boxes, if there are any. The first box is free, though.

Even with my 22″ LG LCD TV (though it supports 1080p), the difference between the SD channels and HD ones are quite discernible. Though I won’t be watching NBA HD, I’m pretty excited about my upcoming viewing experience with HBO HD, NatGeo HD, Discovery HD, FOX HD, Food Channel HD, and a bunch more to choose from! Too bad there’s no Cartoon Network HD (which falls under the 1590 package.) There’s also Screen Red which shows Asian award-winning movies (including Japanese with subtitles) and that Japanese channel NHK.

I’ve decided to take a few pictures of my TV showcasing the aforementioned HD channels. If you’re also interested in getting the full HD experience that is an alternative to the expensive Sky Cable, better visit Cignal’s office. To know more about Cignal, their packages, channels and contact info, go to their website at http://www.cignal.tv/

So yeah, here are more pictures:

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  1. Milo says:

    Nice! thanks for sharing. parang gusto ko na magswitch to cignal

    • Chad says:

      Hello, Milo! Thanks. I know I said they’re worth every penny, but I guess it’s better if you go to their showroom and see for yourself the quality of their HD channels, which I hope you’ll like very much as well :)

      • Edwin says:

        What about their after sales service? Madalas daw macut-off umulan lang ng kaunti tapos tagal maibalik. Few personnel to provide emergency service and telephone lines are answering machines. Can anyone confirm this?

        • Chad says:

          Hi Edwin! In the past few months when rain was rampant, we did experience cut-offs though dun lang kapag malakas na talaga yung ulan at hangin, and doesn’t really happen on little rain. And it gets back right away, btw. If compared to my experience with our previous Sky Cable, similar lang siya.

          Regarding their after sales service, I was quite surprised on how fast they were- or maybe that’s because they’re still on their starting stage? Well, anyway, they got to our house the day after we signed up and our newly installed cable worked right away. Wala pa naman nangyayari to us for them to get on our bad side.

    • Paul says:

      Good? I’ve had it a long time and they SUCK ! They keep going off the aire and has lasted for days, advertise shows they don’t even show, I have the top plan1590 and pay 1700pesos.. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL but they are the only one in our area..

  2. lucky smith says:

    The service of cignal cable are so poor , the installer are dumb and they are manloloko you know why because the free wire that suppose to be 15m are cut and sold to us for 150 php for another 5m extension it shouldn’t be because the 15m covered our connection. 2nd thing would be the receptionist who thinks she can fool us of paying the tv box instead of it being free . They chnaged our service to lease then therty required us to pay the kit very inconsistent. And then they change the password of the settings kit withoutus knowing itmeans that they do have an access to our account whicvh is not comfortable to know that you have this secret of changing the password,. If tget will do something strange again on our account or service I will report them to the business bureau.

    • Chad says:

      Hmm, you should have reported them the first time around. :)

      Our experience with Cignal was the complete opposite, maybe it’s because of a faulty branch with a faulty work team? And you should have clarified to them the agreement with regards to the freebies, tv box and password concerns. You guys just may not have been on the same page of things.

  3. Marco says:

    Yeah OK yung Cignal in terms of their cable tv. Pero grabe yung customer service. Sucks! :( Mejo dun ako nalungkot. Uminit ulo ko sa kanila dun sa area na yun. Kaya right now I’m switching to another cable tv provider.

    Just so sad and pissed off.:(


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