Burgers of Sweet Ecstasy!

Time and time again, I keep seeing this burger joint every time our band stops by Cubao Expo to have a few drinks right after rehearsals- and at last, I was able to try the burgers, fries and shakes of Sweet Ecstasy out!

They open their doors to customers every Tue-Thurs at 4:00pm-10:00pm and Fri-Sat at 4:00pm-12:00am. Not knowing this schedule prior, we visited the place a little before 3pm. Good thing the owner was there, and was kind enough to let us in and even serve us even though they weren’t open yet. It was kinda embarrassing, too, after realizing that we went inside their resto not seeing the big “We’re Closed” sign outside.

This is exactly why I need a CPL Filter for my lens LOL

They opened a bit early for us but at the same time, more customers also came in so it’s all good! The interiors are pretty nice as they feature various sub-genre works of pop art- it speaks hipster love all over! ^_^

So here’s their main menu with more choices at the back:

With the time hanging between one’s lunch and afternoon snack, we weren’t really all that hungry. For starters, we had their standard Hamburger, and then followed up with their Ecstasy Fries and Nutella Oreo Milkshake.

The verdict? Well, I got to be honest here- for the Hamburger, it could have been much cheaper in terms of price, or better in terms of taste and quality. I was expecting Zark’s, Brother’s or even Wham burger-quality for that 150 PHP price mark, but it just seemed like your ordinary burger sandwich next door. The burger patty was a bit dry, too, and the lettuce was cold as if it just came from the fridge.

Hamburger – 150PHP

The Ecstasy Fries are absolutely crispy and served fresh from the fryer- which is awesome. The only setback was their well-boasted ‘Ecstasy Sauce‘- it’s a good sauce, no objections there, but there isn’t really anything special or unique to it. One would notice that it’s just the usual sauce recipe of melted cheese with ketchup, mayonnaise and pickle relish mixed together- not really that ecstatic for a 130PHP fries.

Troubleshooting their products to have more pizzazz and appeal is in order. They are in Cubao Expo, after all.

Ecstasy Fries – 130PHP

With their burger and fries being a bit disappointing, what my friend and I can vouch to verily recommend, are their premium shakes! Well, I absolutely loved their Nutella Oreo shake, which was priced at 120PHP. If you know what Oreo and Nutella each taste like, just imagine you’ll be fusing them to make that ultimate ice-cold dessert and refreshment! With cherry on top!

They have the Classic Shakes vanilla and chocolate, and have about 13 types of Premium Shakes, which all look and sound yummy. There 7 choices of Adult Shakes- shakes that contain alcohol. I should’ve tried it!

Nutella Oreo Premium Shake – 120PHP

They also have a neat second floor with an overlooking view of the streets of Cubao Ex below. I guess to really appreciate the location, you have to dine here at night- with the ambient lights, sounds and people and all. :)

Should you try the place out? Their shakes, definitely! For their food, I guess it’s up to you to see for yourself. Maybe they’ll improve things the next time around? You can try their wings too, which we haven’t got the chance to order since we were already full. >.

Cubao Expo General Romulo Ave., Quezon City
Mobile No. 0916 594 1229
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page

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  1. Patti says:

    The burger photos make the meal seem drool-worthy. Hehe.

    BUT THE SHAKES THOUGH. I mean, I’m not exactly a fan of Nutella (ok ok, I can hear you gasp haha) but fusing it with my beloved Oreo?? Curious.:)

    • Chad says:

      Wow Patti, you’re the first person I know to not be exactly a fan of Nutella. xD But yeah, do try out their shakes the next time you pass by Cubao/Gateway area! Their burger is sorta okay, but you can try them out too and see for yourself. :)


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